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Since I became eligible to cast my vote, I never missed any election.  Today thought that I would miss to become a part of the historical automation of election.  Despite all the glitch, I am proud to say that I was able to cast my vote.  This election is the worst I ever experienced since I turned eighteen.

I went to my precinct as early as seven o’clock in the morning to avoid the flock of voters.  However, when I arrived at the polling precinct, I was surprised to see the multitude of voters, standing outside the polling precincts sweating, irritated and cussing.  Everyone is complaining about the sluggish procedure.  When I try to check how the procedure is being done, I was disappointed to see only three voters are there on one setting and filling their ballots took them almost ten minutes.  This is not what I am expecting to see with this first ever automated election in the history of the Philippines.  The old system which is being done manually is a lot better.   After an hour of waiting, I got impatient so I went home.   

I was ranting on my Facebook wall about my disappointment.  I envy my friend Zailani who has an opposite experience.  She said the election in their place just went on smoothly.  After my irritating experience this morning, I was undaunted.  Again, at around four o’clock in the afternoon, I went back again to cast my vote.  This time, the precincts are no longer crowded; however I still have to wait for my turn because there are still a lot of people who were in the waiting list.  After three hours of waiting, I was able to vote successfully with no problem as to the PCOS machine.

I went home happily despite the rain.  I am happy and contented to have participated in this first ever automated election.  I am proud to say that I became a part of making history.