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I am not really a fan of reality tv show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) but because of my sister Erika, I am watching this show now. Erika was born a few days before I turned 16. I never thought that my mom would give birth again for the seventh time heheehe. I really thought that Eleonor would be the youngest child in our brood so that is why we called her baby. But unexpectedly, Erika came into our lives and made it more colorful than ever.

I describe my relationship with her as not really a close one but still we are sisters and we both acknowledge that fact. As an older sis, I imposed discipline upon her. I am very stiff when it comes to rules. This is not because I want to make her life miserable but only for her to become a good person when she grows up. As I see the results today, I am not disappointed at all. Erika grows up to be a well-behaved teen-ager. Yes, she is a teen-ager now. Time flies so fast and just like a butterfly, my baby sister has undergone metamorphosis. Some of her likes have change. Aside from books she has shown interest with things that kids her age also like.

Lately I realized that I want to bridge the gap between our ages. Since her latest craze is the PBB, I am also watching it to be updated so that when we talk, I could also know what to say to her. I want to be closer to her now. I want us to be friends and not just sisters. I want her to feel that I am also interested in things that she likes. I talk to her now like she is a matured person. But sometimes, I can’t help myself I still call her my baby. I look very funny when I do it coz Erika is a lot bigger and taller than me. She can even carry me. She could just put her arms on my shoulder that easy while me on the other hand is having difficulty doing it to her. I rarely went home, but everytime I am there, I see to it that we could talk and spend time together. I hope it is not too late to bridge the gap that separates us from each other. I want her to feel that I do not only exist to discipline her but also that I can be a friend to her too.