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Thanks God I’m home!  I am having a lazy Sunday and sipping a cup of coffee prepared by my sister; so thoughtful of her.  I am happy that I get to spend time with my parents, my sisters Eleonor and Erika and the angel in our home, my little niece Erin.  Today is Mother’s Day, did you greet your mom today?

Before I went to sleep last night, the last thing I was thinking about is doing a little favor for my mother like cooking our breakfast but sadly I woke up late.  When I go to the kitchen breakfast is already set at the table.  The only thing I do is to sit down and eat heartily as we have tinolang manok, my favorite dish.  As always, it was my beloved mother who prepared breakfast.  To help her, my sisters and I volunteered to babysit for Erin.  It is a lot easier than cooking because we just have to sit, play nursery songs and check on her and feed her.  We can still do a lot of things even if we are babysitting because she would just sleep.  Just like now, Erika is reading her Harry Potter book, Eleonor is reading the newspaper I bought yesterday, while me on the other hand is also busy checking my e-mails and submitting my blog’s url to seo directories in the hope of gaining more hits.  I read that it could help boost a site’s page rank.

I love this particular morning in my life.  When I go out of our house, the sky greeted me with a cloudless sky.  I always have this feeling of contentment whenever I witness this serene scene.  This is something I consider a wonder of nature. 


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