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I know it's getting late but I am unable to sleep.  To let the time pass, I decided to play Tower Bloxx on Facebook.  This is a fun game that Jason introduced to me 2 days ago.  I can't stop playing from then on.  The frequency of playing Plants vs. Zombies has reduced drastically because of this new game.  I like this game as it is so much fun and exciting as I try to build blocks and trying to surpass blocks built by Jason.  So far my high score is only 87 blocks.  I am still miles way behind Jason.  I don't know if I could reach as high as 162 blocks hehehehe...To succeed in this game all you need is timing, good reflexes and patience.  Try it so that like me you will be hooked to it.

Btw, I just invited one of my Facebook friends.  I hope Louise will like it the way I do.


Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer said...

Thus this game really makes you feel sleepy? I'll definitely try that one later I'm kinda have also a problem in getting sleep. Thanks hope this one will help me. lol