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This afternoon, we had our first hearing for this month.  The election frenzy for the past weeks prevented us to conduct our court hearing as everyone is busy plus the  bomb threats although unconfirmed still made everybody ill-at-ease.  The hearing did not last for an hour as some of the parties were not around even lawyers.  Maybe they are busy with their election cases.

After the hearing, we got a chance to have a chit chat with our boss.  Our topics ranged from politics to showbiz.  I missed her talking about anything.  When we were still in our old venue, she used to talk to us like this.  I am so lucky to have a boss like her.  She is really like a mother to all her employees. If only the entire breed of boss in the world is like her, all employees would be lucky as me.  However this is not possible, people are different from each other.

It has been a while since my last post.  I got entangled with a lot of things lately.  But I don’t want to be an irresponsible blogger so despite the fact that I am dead tired I still try to put a little enthusiasm and made my post here. 

I miss talking to my blogger friends.  I was not able to blog hop lately but I hope you understand me guys.  Keep posted about my adventure at my other blog