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Sleepless, I watched the ABS-CBN program “Diyes sa Mayo Diyes” while making a list of the candidates that I am going to vote. I am planning to go my assigned precinct as early as possible to avoid the crowd who normally go at around 9 to 10 in the morning. I already prepared my list of candidates

Election is something that I am giving much important. I always participate in the election from the first time that I became eligible to vote. Never have I skipped an election since my Sangguniang Kabataan days. I do it being a responsible citizen of my country and suffrage being one of my constitutional rights. This is my way of showing that I care for my country. Choosing a leader is something that everyone of us is suppose to participate. 

Tomorrow morning, let us go out and vote, it is not everyday that we get the right to exercise our right to suffrage. The future of our country depends on how we choose a leader. So be wise in choosing. Do not be blinded by their fanciful ads that are full of their tempting yet superficial promises. Tomorrow is the time of reckoning. As what they always say, vote wisely as our next six years is at stake here.

Once again, be a responsible Filipino. Go out and vote the ones whom you think would help change our country.