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A person's individuality is not at all solely encapsulated on the brand name etched on the clothes of the one wearing it. Though this statement is quite true this concern needs to be inculcated elaborately in the minds of our teens today. Disheartening as it sounds, it really is happening and parents portray a great role in honing the minds of today's generation to veer away from expensive brands that is becoming a fad of the present millennium. Kids must have deeper understanding of the practicality of not spending excessively so as to make them better witted for future financial handling.

Most of the time kids carry out what their parent's ways.  In this case the value of keeping the very "you" within yourself without being influenced by fancy and expensive brands. Liberating kids from this stigma can be started by playing the part. A parent  who show's the value of buying the right stuff with the appropriate amount of money is simply letting their kids know that it is important to give value to a  hard earned money. Either your bank account is overflowing or not, saving or just opening one it is still very important to keep finances in check. Spending money the right way is the way to do it. It has to be understood that a cent saved makes a person a cent richer. These simple thoughts would let kids understand that expensive brands would not define them but the way they look at things. One can still look great without overspending.
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Good morning guys, I woke up late because I also sleep late last night. What do I expect? I woke up lazily as I have no choice but to do so. Tomorrow is holiday here in the Philippines as it will be the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic. To give respect and honor to my president, I am thinking of wearing a yellow tank top but sad to say, I do not have one with me so I have to settle with my simple ones. Just like my president, he is also into simplicity. He wears simple barong tagalog designed by his favorite designer. As I am watching the news, I see a lot of merchandise that has to do with the inaugural tomorrow. I see yellow shoes with the president’s face on it, t-shirts too, fans, umbrellas and a lot more. It is overwhelming to see people having this enormous support for the president elect. I just hope our president will not disappoint the nation and would do what he had promised during the election about battling with corruption and advocating change in the governance. As for me, I have a wrist band with his father’s slogan, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” I can’t wait hearing Charice Pempengco singing the Lupang Hinirang tomorrow. I hope she will sing it right.
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I feel so tired tonight. I know I have some readings to do but for some reason I am not sure about, I find myself lazily lying on my bed and closing my eyes. This is what I want to do but my mind is screaming that I have to study at this very moment. Well, that is the right thing to do but how can I read when I just can’t absorb what I am reading. I remember my college days that sometimes out of desperation I would think how easy it would be if I don’t have to study everything and I would just put the book inside my head (literally) and voila, I already know everything written in it. Anyway, that is just a preposterous wish of mine. However in real world, learning is not as easy as that. I have read somewhere that there is no shortcut to learning. You have to strive harder if you really want to learn.
During our orientation last week, we were told that we are going to observe dress code in the College of Law starting tomorrow. This is according to the authorities, to distinguish as from the undergraduates; for us to have an identity. As compliance, I prepared what I am going to wear for my class tomorrow. I tried some clothes several times in front of the mirror to see what looks good for me and asking for my sister’s opinion. According to the authorities, we should project the image of a lawyer. They said to become one; we have to act like one. Normally, I am not the kind of person who likes to wear blazers but tonight when I saw my image in the mirror, I told myself, “Wow, I do look like I am working for a marketing company instead of being a student studying law.”

Well anyway, enough for dress rehearsal, I still have to study my lesson in Criminal Law so that I will not come to school unprepared like a soldier who is going to war without undergoing a training. It is quite scary when the professor will call me and I cannot say anything. I know you have experienced that before. 

This is all for now. Have a good sleep guys.
Hello everyone!

This has been a busy week for me. As I have already started my studies. It is not a joke to be awake until two a.m. just to read and the study. Sometimes when I read, I feel like my mind is getting numb that I can no longer absorb what I am reading. Being in Law School is not as easy as finding a web hosting site on the net. I have to read everything and absorb it all. If only I could just type and Google it, I will really do it; sadly, it is not. I have to read thick textbooks. I am still adjusting to my student life now. The last time I was a student was ten years ago. And now, everything feels so new to me. It is like I am a child that is trying to learn everything again. Since the first day that I decided to go back to school, I am already aware of what awaits me so I have no choice but to do it.

I am glad that I have already a complete set of textbooks for this semester. It will already be a lot easy for me to read. I won’t have to go to the library to borrow books. I am also utilizing the net with my research on the cases that are being assigned to us to read and digest.

Good luck to myself, I hope I can make it.

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A lot of people are as fascinated about cars, well not me as I do not know anything about cars. I do not even have an idea how to drive. I would rather prefer to commute in a public utility vehicle when I go to work. I like it because I do not have to worry about the maintenance. If I do not own a car, I would also not worry about purchasing accessories like headlights, tail lights, window visor, dash kits, cargo liners and a lot more when they got broke. As compared to riding a public utility vehicle, all I worry about is my fare and nothing else. My sister is the one who fancies owning a car. She said it is more convenient since her residence is a little farther from her workplace but for now that plan was put aside when she learned that she is pregnant. She said she has to postpone buying one as she will be preparing for the baby’s needs. Well, that is the wiser choice for the moment. In the mean time she has to bear the hassle of riding a public utility vehicle. By the time her baby will be born, she has a lot of time to think if she will pursue on buying one or not.
June is in the Philippines is going back to school season.  Despite the heavy rains and flood, students are braving them so that they could go to school and attend their classes.  That is the norm here everytime the school year opens.  For this year, I belong to this group of students who does the same.  Although some are already holding formal classes, ours has not started yet.  I got a prospectus this afternoon from the dean’s office as my guide for my subjects this semester.  I was relieved to see that I don’t have Mathematics subjects anymore.  I consider myself lucky as Mathematics is one of my dreaded subjects since the first time I learned how to count.  Algebra is the most difficult for me.  Everytime I see the x and y, my mind would went blank as they look like Greek to me and I don’t know what to do with it.  I don’t have an idea how I was able to survive it.  It seemed like those Math answers just fall from heaven like a miracle.  And for those having difficulty with Mathematics like me, your dilemma has just ended.  You can find solutions on the net using online tutoring specifically on Calculus help, Precalculus help, Math homework help and Algebra homework help.  One of the  companies who offers this kind of tutoring is TutorVista.  It is one of the top online tutoring company in the whole world.  For only $99.99 monthly, you can already have a tutoring package for subjects mentioned above.  Not only that they also offer free college algebra help for their difficult to solve college algebra problems.  Tutoring is available to students anytime of the day and any day of the week wherever they are.  First time users are provided with free demo to try the service at no cost at all.
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Tatay, that is what I call my father.  He is the most influential man in my life.  He taught me about respect, the value of hard work and the importance of education.  He is a very strict father, a disciplinarian.  My siblings and I were subjected to a rigid military like discipline when we were kids.  I used to hate it when he yells everytime I  get clumsy.  I only get to appreciate it later when I was able to conquer my fear of crossing a bridge made of bamboo.  Well my fear of my father surpassed my fear of falling off the not-so-safe bridge.

He is a man who lives simply.  He thinks nothing but only the welfare of his children.  He makes sure that all of us could be educated and get a degree.  he may have a sharp tongue of candidness that pierces my siblings' heart and mine sometimes but it's alright.  After all he is just human.  Nobody is perfect in this world.  Not me, not you and not even my father.  he is not perfect; yet it is in his imperfectness that I love him.

I love you Tatay.  I am indebted to you for the rest of my life.  If I will be born again, I would still choose you to be my father.
My friend Pat is much of an outdoor person.  He is very athletic.  He likes to go camping, mountain climbing and a lot of things.  He is a physically active person.  He is also a snowboarding enthusiast himself.  I have known about this because he would talk nothing but snowboarding everytime we chat.  He would talk about things like snowboards which I knew nothing about because we do not have a winter season here being a tropical country.  I would just listen to him to pick a lot of information and ideas.   I on the other hand am more of an indoor person.  I prefer the company of books, TV and computer.  I wonder why we did not get bored talking when we are two different persons.  We are laughing about it sometimes.  We are very good friends despite of our diverse preferences.

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, he was in Cypress Mountain to witness the event as Seth Wescott bagged the gold medal for Winter Olympics snowboarding finals; while I am only watching it on TV but we both enjoy the event just the same.  He was so proud of him since Seth is an American like himself.  He was so ecstatic in sharing his experiences there.  It made him love snowboarding more and now choosing from a wide collection of Burton snowboards that he saw online.  He is saving to buy one just in time for the next winter.

Go for it big guy, I know it’s something you really love to do.

Another school year has opened today. I woke up early not to go to school but to office. My classes are scheduled tonight but thankfully, my office mate who is also a law student informed me that we don’t have a class tonight. Ours will start tomorrow so I still have time to relax in front of my computer.

How time flies so fast. My sister Erika is now a junior high school student. Mother was not home since yesterday as she went with me here in the city to spend time with my other sister Euvelyn. Early this morning, she texted my sister to inquire about her personal things particularly her socks; which unfortunately was my dilemma when I was her age. Until now I was not able to solve the mystery of their disappearance. Everything went fine after she found her socks and then she went off to school alone (I guess).

It was like only yesterday that I would wait for her outside the pre-school she attended when she was only a tot because she is afraid to go home alone and I on the other hand would never trust my baby sister with strangers. Now she is a fourteen year old girl no longer afraid but very shy and conservative.

I am also happy that my sister Eleonor is now on her last year in college. I hope she will do well this year as she did in the past years. In due time, she would already a civil engineering degree under her hat for the rest of her life as a reward.

And I on the other hand have also become a student starting this school year. Read more about my adventure here.
It’s been months that my sister is convincing me to apply for a credit card.   She said it is beneficial especially now that I am going back to school.  I could use it to purchase books when I run short of cash.  Actually, I do not really believe in having a credit card.  If a person does not have a discipline when it comes to finances, he should not have a credit card there will be a risk of bankruptcy.  But my sister believes otherwise.  In fact, she is the one who is very interested to have one.  She inquired from different banks to compare credit cards features and benefits.  She believes that if she does it, she could convince me.   She said it is not difficult to have a credit card now as there are a lot of banks that offer business credit cards that have enticing perks and benefits.  As of now she is looking for the one that has a good credit card reform.  She has all these flowery words to say about credit cards but still I am unshaken with my firm conviction.   To stop her from festering me, I told her that I would just think about it and would let her know of my decision. 

Personally, I think before one has to have a credit card, one should be self-disciplined when it comes to his finances. If I could have that discipline, maybe that is the right time for me to have a credit card.

Today is another significant day in the lives of every Filipinos.  The proclamation of the new President of the Republic of the Philippines marks as another event in the annals of our country’s history.  After 24 years, the son of the former president, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino was proclaimed as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines both by the Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Prospero Nograles.  A lot of Filipinos like me who have voted for him is very happy.  I have very high expectation for this new leader of our country.  I hope he will uphold clean governance like what he has promised during the campaign.  And that he will also fight corruption as it is one of the reasons why we are already behind other countries in terms of development.  I want some change in my country so that Filipinos can experience a change far better than the last nine years.
Hi guys how are you all?  I want to apologize for being an irresponsible lazy blogger.  I am fully aware that I am no longer updating my blog regularly.  Lately, I became busy with a lot of stuff that sometimes my mind becomes numb and I could not think of anything sensible at all.  I have a lot of things to do and to worry about.  Although this is not a good excuse but these things obviously eat so much of my time.  I was not able to blog hop anymore.  I hope you understand my predicament and I am writing it here to unload my mind.  This blog is like my friend whom I can tell everything.

As of this moment, I find comfort with the fact that I already paid my sister's tuition for the whole semester.  The things that  I would only worry about  are her allowance and books.  I am grateful that my brother will help me in supporting my sister financially. We already talked about it last year.  

My sister is on her fifth year now of her course.  By God's will, she will graduate on March 2011 and I hope that she will pass the board examination for civil engineering so I would not worry about her anymore. And oh before that, there is still her thesis and not to mention my own studies to worry about.  i still have a long way to go.  I may not have a super power but I hope I can survive it all.