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Another school year has opened today. I woke up early not to go to school but to office. My classes are scheduled tonight but thankfully, my office mate who is also a law student informed me that we don’t have a class tonight. Ours will start tomorrow so I still have time to relax in front of my computer.

How time flies so fast. My sister Erika is now a junior high school student. Mother was not home since yesterday as she went with me here in the city to spend time with my other sister Euvelyn. Early this morning, she texted my sister to inquire about her personal things particularly her socks; which unfortunately was my dilemma when I was her age. Until now I was not able to solve the mystery of their disappearance. Everything went fine after she found her socks and then she went off to school alone (I guess).

It was like only yesterday that I would wait for her outside the pre-school she attended when she was only a tot because she is afraid to go home alone and I on the other hand would never trust my baby sister with strangers. Now she is a fourteen year old girl no longer afraid but very shy and conservative.

I am also happy that my sister Eleonor is now on her last year in college. I hope she will do well this year as she did in the past years. In due time, she would already a civil engineering degree under her hat for the rest of her life as a reward.

And I on the other hand have also become a student starting this school year. Read more about my adventure here.