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A person's individuality is not at all solely encapsulated on the brand name etched on the clothes of the one wearing it. Though this statement is quite true this concern needs to be inculcated elaborately in the minds of our teens today. Disheartening as it sounds, it really is happening and parents portray a great role in honing the minds of today's generation to veer away from expensive brands that is becoming a fad of the present millennium. Kids must have deeper understanding of the practicality of not spending excessively so as to make them better witted for future financial handling.

Most of the time kids carry out what their parent's ways.  In this case the value of keeping the very "you" within yourself without being influenced by fancy and expensive brands. Liberating kids from this stigma can be started by playing the part. A parent  who show's the value of buying the right stuff with the appropriate amount of money is simply letting their kids know that it is important to give value to a  hard earned money. Either your bank account is overflowing or not, saving or just opening one it is still very important to keep finances in check. Spending money the right way is the way to do it. It has to be understood that a cent saved makes a person a cent richer. These simple thoughts would let kids understand that expensive brands would not define them but the way they look at things. One can still look great without overspending.
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