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It’s been months that my sister is convincing me to apply for a credit card.   She said it is beneficial especially now that I am going back to school.  I could use it to purchase books when I run short of cash.  Actually, I do not really believe in having a credit card.  If a person does not have a discipline when it comes to finances, he should not have a credit card there will be a risk of bankruptcy.  But my sister believes otherwise.  In fact, she is the one who is very interested to have one.  She inquired from different banks to compare credit cards features and benefits.  She believes that if she does it, she could convince me.   She said it is not difficult to have a credit card now as there are a lot of banks that offer business credit cards that have enticing perks and benefits.  As of now she is looking for the one that has a good credit card reform.  She has all these flowery words to say about credit cards but still I am unshaken with my firm conviction.   To stop her from festering me, I told her that I would just think about it and would let her know of my decision. 

Personally, I think before one has to have a credit card, one should be self-disciplined when it comes to his finances. If I could have that discipline, maybe that is the right time for me to have a credit card.