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Tatay, that is what I call my father.  He is the most influential man in my life.  He taught me about respect, the value of hard work and the importance of education.  He is a very strict father, a disciplinarian.  My siblings and I were subjected to a rigid military like discipline when we were kids.  I used to hate it when he yells everytime I  get clumsy.  I only get to appreciate it later when I was able to conquer my fear of crossing a bridge made of bamboo.  Well my fear of my father surpassed my fear of falling off the not-so-safe bridge.

He is a man who lives simply.  He thinks nothing but only the welfare of his children.  He makes sure that all of us could be educated and get a degree.  he may have a sharp tongue of candidness that pierces my siblings' heart and mine sometimes but it's alright.  After all he is just human.  Nobody is perfect in this world.  Not me, not you and not even my father.  he is not perfect; yet it is in his imperfectness that I love him.

I love you Tatay.  I am indebted to you for the rest of my life.  If I will be born again, I would still choose you to be my father.