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Hi guys how are you all?  I want to apologize for being an irresponsible lazy blogger.  I am fully aware that I am no longer updating my blog regularly.  Lately, I became busy with a lot of stuff that sometimes my mind becomes numb and I could not think of anything sensible at all.  I have a lot of things to do and to worry about.  Although this is not a good excuse but these things obviously eat so much of my time.  I was not able to blog hop anymore.  I hope you understand my predicament and I am writing it here to unload my mind.  This blog is like my friend whom I can tell everything.

As of this moment, I find comfort with the fact that I already paid my sister's tuition for the whole semester.  The things that  I would only worry about  are her allowance and books.  I am grateful that my brother will help me in supporting my sister financially. We already talked about it last year.  

My sister is on her fifth year now of her course.  By God's will, she will graduate on March 2011 and I hope that she will pass the board examination for civil engineering so I would not worry about her anymore. And oh before that, there is still her thesis and not to mention my own studies to worry about.  i still have a long way to go.  I may not have a super power but I hope I can survive it all.