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Good morning guys, I woke up late because I also sleep late last night. What do I expect? I woke up lazily as I have no choice but to do so. Tomorrow is holiday here in the Philippines as it will be the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic. To give respect and honor to my president, I am thinking of wearing a yellow tank top but sad to say, I do not have one with me so I have to settle with my simple ones. Just like my president, he is also into simplicity. He wears simple barong tagalog designed by his favorite designer. As I am watching the news, I see a lot of merchandise that has to do with the inaugural tomorrow. I see yellow shoes with the president’s face on it, t-shirts too, fans, umbrellas and a lot more. It is overwhelming to see people having this enormous support for the president elect. I just hope our president will not disappoint the nation and would do what he had promised during the election about battling with corruption and advocating change in the governance. As for me, I have a wrist band with his father’s slogan, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” I can’t wait hearing Charice Pempengco singing the Lupang Hinirang tomorrow. I hope she will sing it right.