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Hello everyone!

This has been a busy week for me. As I have already started my studies. It is not a joke to be awake until two a.m. just to read and the study. Sometimes when I read, I feel like my mind is getting numb that I can no longer absorb what I am reading. Being in Law School is not as easy as finding a web hosting site on the net. I have to read everything and absorb it all. If only I could just type and Google it, I will really do it; sadly, it is not. I have to read thick textbooks. I am still adjusting to my student life now. The last time I was a student was ten years ago. And now, everything feels so new to me. It is like I am a child that is trying to learn everything again. Since the first day that I decided to go back to school, I am already aware of what awaits me so I have no choice but to do it.

I am glad that I have already a complete set of textbooks for this semester. It will already be a lot easy for me to read. I won’t have to go to the library to borrow books. I am also utilizing the net with my research on the cases that are being assigned to us to read and digest.

Good luck to myself, I hope I can make it.