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My friend Pat is much of an outdoor person.  He is very athletic.  He likes to go camping, mountain climbing and a lot of things.  He is a physically active person.  He is also a snowboarding enthusiast himself.  I have known about this because he would talk nothing but snowboarding everytime we chat.  He would talk about things like snowboards which I knew nothing about because we do not have a winter season here being a tropical country.  I would just listen to him to pick a lot of information and ideas.   I on the other hand am more of an indoor person.  I prefer the company of books, TV and computer.  I wonder why we did not get bored talking when we are two different persons.  We are laughing about it sometimes.  We are very good friends despite of our diverse preferences.

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, he was in Cypress Mountain to witness the event as Seth Wescott bagged the gold medal for Winter Olympics snowboarding finals; while I am only watching it on TV but we both enjoy the event just the same.  He was so proud of him since Seth is an American like himself.  He was so ecstatic in sharing his experiences there.  It made him love snowboarding more and now choosing from a wide collection of Burton snowboards that he saw online.  He is saving to buy one just in time for the next winter.

Go for it big guy, I know it’s something you really love to do.