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A lot of people are as fascinated about cars, well not me as I do not know anything about cars. I do not even have an idea how to drive. I would rather prefer to commute in a public utility vehicle when I go to work. I like it because I do not have to worry about the maintenance. If I do not own a car, I would also not worry about purchasing accessories like headlights, tail lights, window visor, dash kits, cargo liners and a lot more when they got broke. As compared to riding a public utility vehicle, all I worry about is my fare and nothing else. My sister is the one who fancies owning a car. She said it is more convenient since her residence is a little farther from her workplace but for now that plan was put aside when she learned that she is pregnant. She said she has to postpone buying one as she will be preparing for the baby’s needs. Well, that is the wiser choice for the moment. In the mean time she has to bear the hassle of riding a public utility vehicle. By the time her baby will be born, she has a lot of time to think if she will pursue on buying one or not.