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During our orientation last week, we were told that we are going to observe dress code in the College of Law starting tomorrow. This is according to the authorities, to distinguish as from the undergraduates; for us to have an identity. As compliance, I prepared what I am going to wear for my class tomorrow. I tried some clothes several times in front of the mirror to see what looks good for me and asking for my sister’s opinion. According to the authorities, we should project the image of a lawyer. They said to become one; we have to act like one. Normally, I am not the kind of person who likes to wear blazers but tonight when I saw my image in the mirror, I told myself, “Wow, I do look like I am working for a marketing company instead of being a student studying law.”

Well anyway, enough for dress rehearsal, I still have to study my lesson in Criminal Law so that I will not come to school unprepared like a soldier who is going to war without undergoing a training. It is quite scary when the professor will call me and I cannot say anything. I know you have experienced that before. 

This is all for now. Have a good sleep guys.