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My sister loves food but problem is she is terrible in the kitchen. I on the other hand am trying my luck with cooking. Although I know some recipes but I do not think it is enough. I am not what you can consider as a good cook. If I am to rate myself, I belong in the average level. In my culture, cooking is something that must be learned by a woman being the one who usually does the housekeeping and home management.

For people like me, the best solution is to take a few courses on cooking in a cookery school just like Seasoned. It is a Midlands-based cookery school that offers a lot of fresh ideas in cooking. They have professional and passionate cooks that would introduce new ideas in cooking techniques. And to enjoy learning about cookery, you can invite your friends for a group course that starts at an affordable price of £35. It’s like shooting two birds with a stone. You get to bond with friends and learn to cook at the same time. It is a perfect activity for everyone.
I came home tired tonight.  Earlier I took my Criminal Law examination.  My mind felt numb after an hour and a half of digging my head for answers.  I do not feel like my old self when I got out of our room.  I went home straight as what I usually do.  I still have to finish my requirements in Legal Research.  Good thing, we do not have hearing schedule tomorrow and next week so I can concentrate in writing my paper. 

When I entered inside my bedroom, I did not change my clothes immediately.  I lounged on my bed for I think an hour.  I closed my eyes just feeling the comfortable warmth of my bed sheet.  Then I felt something bulging on my back.  I suddenly remembered my cellular phone which I left before I went to the university.  I picked it up and found five messages waiting for my reply.  Those messages all came from my aunt asking for a favor to buy her a red toaster because the one she is using got broke down this morning. I read and replied that I will just try as I still cannot find time to look for it since I am having an exam this week.  For the mean time, she has to endure the start of her day without her favorite toasted bread.

This is all for now guys.  I still have to finish my paper and review for my Civil law which is scheduled on Friday.  What can I say?  Well, good luck to me.
I thought this coming Monday is holiday since it will be the first SONA of P. Noy but it turned out it is not. I felt relieved because that is the first day of my trinal examination. Last night I watched the news and got disgusted about these people who are planning to stage up a rally on that day. I do not know what they want. It seems like they do not like whoever stays in the Palace. Why don’t they try being a president for a year, let us see if they can do anything without getting criticisms from the people. I am thinking that instead of going out in the streets and express dissatisfaction why don’t we just do our own part for the change that the new president is advocating. Going out in the streets and scream will not do us good. We can help the government by initiating a change from within us. We should not expect and wait what the country can do for us, let us do something to help our country.

I wish someday, my people will come to realize the essence of the word unity. This is what we need to put our country back on track again.

Yesterday my sister accompanied me to buy a new printer for my computer.  While inside the store, we talk about her plan to buy new furniture for their bedroom.  She thought about it as a preparation for the coming of her baby.  She is four months pregnant already and wanted to have everything ready before she gives birth to her first born.  I know a lot of women can relate to the excitement of being a mom for the first time.  She wanted to buy a new bed and two bedroom dressers for their bed room and that of the baby.  I do not understand all these fuss, well I am not a mom how I would expect myself to share her excitement.  It does not matter anyway, as long as I see my sister happy, I am also happy for her. 
This morning she told me that she already bought what she needs for the baby’s bedroom.  I can sense the excitement and happiness in her voice.  I got infected with her viral excitement because I got nothing in my mind now but the arrival of my new niece or nephew.  We are not sure about the gender of the baby yet.  Well anyway, the gender does not matter to me as long as the baby is healthy; that is the most important thing that I constantly pray for.

Mañana habit, this is one of the most common flaw in the Filipino culture.  Admit it or not Pinoys, you are fond of doing it.  I am not an exemption.  Maybe this is one of the reason why we were once branded as indolent.  Well anyway, I am glad to have found this helpful tip so we can avoid procrastination.  I hope it can help you a lot whether you are a Filipino or not.

9 Tips to Help You Overcome Procrastination

To overcome procrastination, practice the following tips: identify reasons you procrastinate, never leave work pending, think positive thoughts, be organized, prioritize tasks, break down each task, avoid multitasking, ask people for help, and reward yourself.

Procrastination is a common problem for most people. Whether you are a student or an employee, there are times that the pressures of stress, stubbornness or laziness, perfectionism, and disorganization can bring negative effects to your work, your studies, and your relationships. This problem can definitely consume a whole lot of your quality and productive time which can result in failures and missed opportunities. You don’t want these things to happen all the time, do you? Here’s what you can do to overcome this addicting behavior.

  • Identify reasons you procrastinate
Recognize the problem and find out the cause why you are inclined push off your responsibilities. This is the primary step to overcoming procrastination and significantly increase your productivity.

  • Never leave work pending
When tasks are placed in front of you, do them right away. Filling up your time with insignificant tasks can only waste important time that should have been allotted to more productive and meaningful ones. As much as possible, don’t leave important tasks unattended for hours or even overnight. You will regret that decision in the morning.

  • Think positive thoughts
If you keep on thinking that you won’t be able to finish a certain task, it will make you think negatively about yourself and greatly decreases your self-esteem. In the end, you will not be able to finish the task at all. Always bear in mind that a positive mental state or attitude can actually produce positive effects. So, always think that you can accomplish your goals and nothing will be too hard for you to handle.

  • Be organized
One of the basic reasons why we tend to procrastinate is because of the presence of clutter and disorganized work schedules. Clean up the mess in your work area to motivate you to work. An organized work schedule makes you track your daily activities. Follow what is in your schedule and everything will go smoothly throughout the day.

  • Prioritize tasks
Skipping from one task to another is another bad sign of procrastination. To avoid this, you must prioritize your tasks and list them according to which ones are the most important and which ones can wait for your attention. Do the most important task first and stick to it. Don’t go to another task until it is done.

  • Break down tasks
Difficult or huge tasks often make us loose our drive to work stay focused until they are finished. But, instead of just dwelling on the upcoming work, the best way to handle such a project is to break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks and create an action plan. This action plan should be composed of steps, from the easier and quicker tasks to the arduous and more challenging ones.

  • Avoid multitasking
Do your tasks one at a time and avoid multitasking. Complete tasks that are on top of your list, or abide by what your schedule tells you. Multitasking can only make work longer and harder.

  • Ask people for help
Find a few people who can help you with your problem. They’ll be able to remind you when you are procrastinating and even encourage you to reach your goals.

  • Reward yourself
Remember, life isn’t always about work. Reward yourself with a break and relax from the pressures of work when you can. This way, you’ll stay away from stress as well.

Never let procrastination become a habit. It is better to put an end to it now before it the habit becomes too much a part of your regular routine.

So for those who are fond of procrastinating, you can overcome it if you adhere what has been written here.   Good luck guys.  I will do it too.

With the pantry empty last Sunday, I went shopping for groceries with my sister yesterday. I was planning to just have veggies. I was avoiding the meat section so as not to be tempted with the so-called red meat. However, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, my feet brought me there. I saw my all-time favorite, pork chops. My mouth watered thinking of a brown freshly fried pork chop on my plate. Oh so yummy! (my apologies for those people who do not eat pork) I really want to have it. In short, I bought ¼ kilo of the same.

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to eat healthy this year. I don’t know what happened that after six months I almost forget one of my New Year’s resolutions and return to my old habit again. Sometimes I would justify what I am doing as “well it only happens once a month.” Hehehe
When I was in college, my mother would always let me have it everytime I am home for the weekend. But for now, I don’t think I would still go on with it. I realized that I am not getting younger anymore and I have to watch everything I eat or else I would be endangering myself with heart problems, hypertension, kidney trouble, diabetes and a lot more. I can’t think of myself having these horrific diseases. Oh my God not me please……

Ok, ok I will eat healthy next time. However Mcdonald’s is just a 5 minute walk away from where I am. As I am writing this, the yellow arches are beckoning, tempting me…..