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My sister loves food but problem is she is terrible in the kitchen. I on the other hand am trying my luck with cooking. Although I know some recipes but I do not think it is enough. I am not what you can consider as a good cook. If I am to rate myself, I belong in the average level. In my culture, cooking is something that must be learned by a woman being the one who usually does the housekeeping and home management.

For people like me, the best solution is to take a few courses on cooking in a cookery school just like Seasoned. It is a Midlands-based cookery school that offers a lot of fresh ideas in cooking. They have professional and passionate cooks that would introduce new ideas in cooking techniques. And to enjoy learning about cookery, you can invite your friends for a group course that starts at an affordable price of £35. It’s like shooting two birds with a stone. You get to bond with friends and learn to cook at the same time. It is a perfect activity for everyone.