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I thought this coming Monday is holiday since it will be the first SONA of P. Noy but it turned out it is not. I felt relieved because that is the first day of my trinal examination. Last night I watched the news and got disgusted about these people who are planning to stage up a rally on that day. I do not know what they want. It seems like they do not like whoever stays in the Palace. Why don’t they try being a president for a year, let us see if they can do anything without getting criticisms from the people. I am thinking that instead of going out in the streets and express dissatisfaction why don’t we just do our own part for the change that the new president is advocating. Going out in the streets and scream will not do us good. We can help the government by initiating a change from within us. We should not expect and wait what the country can do for us, let us do something to help our country.

I wish someday, my people will come to realize the essence of the word unity. This is what we need to put our country back on track again.