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Yesterday my sister accompanied me to buy a new printer for my computer.  While inside the store, we talk about her plan to buy new furniture for their bedroom.  She thought about it as a preparation for the coming of her baby.  She is four months pregnant already and wanted to have everything ready before she gives birth to her first born.  I know a lot of women can relate to the excitement of being a mom for the first time.  She wanted to buy a new bed and two bedroom dressers for their bed room and that of the baby.  I do not understand all these fuss, well I am not a mom how I would expect myself to share her excitement.  It does not matter anyway, as long as I see my sister happy, I am also happy for her. 
This morning she told me that she already bought what she needs for the baby’s bedroom.  I can sense the excitement and happiness in her voice.  I got infected with her viral excitement because I got nothing in my mind now but the arrival of my new niece or nephew.  We are not sure about the gender of the baby yet.  Well anyway, the gender does not matter to me as long as the baby is healthy; that is the most important thing that I constantly pray for.