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I came home tired tonight.  Earlier I took my Criminal Law examination.  My mind felt numb after an hour and a half of digging my head for answers.  I do not feel like my old self when I got out of our room.  I went home straight as what I usually do.  I still have to finish my requirements in Legal Research.  Good thing, we do not have hearing schedule tomorrow and next week so I can concentrate in writing my paper. 

When I entered inside my bedroom, I did not change my clothes immediately.  I lounged on my bed for I think an hour.  I closed my eyes just feeling the comfortable warmth of my bed sheet.  Then I felt something bulging on my back.  I suddenly remembered my cellular phone which I left before I went to the university.  I picked it up and found five messages waiting for my reply.  Those messages all came from my aunt asking for a favor to buy her a red toaster because the one she is using got broke down this morning. I read and replied that I will just try as I still cannot find time to look for it since I am having an exam this week.  For the mean time, she has to endure the start of her day without her favorite toasted bread.

This is all for now guys.  I still have to finish my paper and review for my Civil law which is scheduled on Friday.  What can I say?  Well, good luck to me.