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It is Saturday, instead of waking up at 10 a.m. like I always do on weekend I woke up as early as 4 a.m. today. This is because I have a make-up class in Civil Law from eight o’clock in the morning up to twelve noon. It was past twelve when our class was dismissed. My friend and classmate Dimple treated me for lunch at Jollibee. When we got out of the establishment, we went to a store to buy marshmallows for her son. Then we both went our separate way home after. 

It did not take long before a tricycle passed by. While I was inside the vehicle and about to get some coins from my bag’s pocket to pay my fare, I wondered why my bag’s outside pocket was open. When I delved inside, I was shocked when I found out that my coin purse was missing! I desperately searched for it inside my bag but it was not there. Then it dawned to me that the woman who bumped me earlier while we were on our way to the store was a pickpocket. Now I know why she kept on bumping me despite the fact that the side walk is not crowded. I just did not mind her because I was carrying my book which is quite heavy and a bulk of papers which were photocopies of our cases in Civil Law. I never suspected anything because it is broad daylight but still, people cannot be trusted. I was very disgusted but I cannot do anything anymore. I felt so helpless. The only thing that is left for me to do is but to grin and bear it and charged it all to my experience. I have to accept the fact that my place is full of criminals and I cannot do anything about it.

As I alighted from the vehicle, I have not yet regained my composure. My knees were shaking. This is the first time that this incident happened to me. Despite this unfortunate incident, I am still grateful because it was only a pickpocket and not a snatcher. If it happened to be a snatcher who snatched my bag, I do not know what will happen to me. My bag contains every single thing that is important to me; my identification cards, my ATMs, my Divine Mercy prayer book , my rosary and my cell phone. I am so glad that everything is intact except for the coin purse. In a way, I still consider myself lucky. I am sad though because that coin purse was my sister’s gift to me. It was so priceless only to lose it in the hands of a pickpocket.

I only have a class in my Criminal Law. I was thinking of going home early; however some of my classmates invited me and my friend Dimple to join them at Mc Donald’s.  So instead of going home straight, we found ourselves ordering fires, Coke Float and pineapple juice.  We only had light meal because we already ate dinner before our class started.

When I reached home, I found everybody glued on the television.  There’s this news of hostage taking incident that started since this morning.  A group of foreign tourists aboard a bus was held hostage by a desperate police officer who was dismissed from his job.  So instead of reading books, I stayed in the living room to watch the news.  It was really a sad event that ended in tragedy.  My heart goes out to the innocent tourists who became victims of this unfortunate event.  This would make Philippines again a hostile country in the eyes of the world.  However, I also feel sympathy for the police officer.  I do not know who is to be blamed for what happened.  I am glad that it already ended with other tourists still alive.

I want to commend the police force of Manila Police District for their bravery; for being there in the middle of the crisis and also the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government.  I was wondering where the PNP Chief was when the incident was happening; just asking because I haven’t seen him on the scene.

Home is something that everyone can have to feel secured. It serves as one’s territory no one can enter without one’s consent. Under the law, it is being given treated as inviolable abode that if you enter it without the consent of the owner, you are already committing a crime of trespass to dwelling.

I for myself am at ease and have a peace of mind when I am home. Since I started working, my main goal is to have my own home for the satisfaction that finally, I have something that I can call my own. I am working on it now. I guess almost all urban professionals feel the same way. My friend Annette who is a nurse and is working in the States also said the she wants to buy a home because as of the moment she is living in an apartment. She is planning that by next year she will buy a new house and for now, she is looking on the net of homes for sale in Wilmington NC. She wants a house that is near the hospital where she works. Not only her but also a couple of my friends also wants to have their own home. It seems that it is everyone’s goal for this year. My sister is lucky as she already have a home because she availed of the housing loan provided by the HDMF. I think I have to have mine by availing government housing too but I still have a lot of things to think about for the moment so I think I will forego it for a while but I wish it will be realized two years from now.

Kadayawan is an annual festival held in Davao City.  This week, the whole city is celebrating it.  I really wanted to go, however I got caught up with work and my studies.  Good thing we are not conducting court hearings because of the month long observation of Ramadan.  My cousin was disappointed because she was expecting me to go just like last year where I went to Davao City during the Kadayawan Festival.  It was a lot of fun.  We went shopping because there were a lot of things to see and things to buy.  The malls were offering big discounts on shoes and bags and lot things.  You know women really love to shop.  But for this year, it is different as I can no longer experience the fun.  

My aunt also asked me this afternoon if I want to go with her to Davao City tomorrow because she will also go; though not for the festival but to buy car accessories like rain guards and deflectors.  She wanted me to come with her but since I can’t go, I only asked her a favor to look for the book that I want to buy from Rex Bookstore.  I hope she can find one and buy it for me as I really need it in one of my subjects.

Because of the changes in my life this year, I would be missing the fun of Kadayawan Festival.  My life’s routine was changed when I decided to go back to school.   As of the moment, studying is my main priority; I would miss my classes if I go.  Not only that, the money for shopping should be spent for my tuition.  This is the disadvantage of being a student.  You can’t go anywhere you want because you will be absent from your class.  And as for me, I still have four years to endure this situation but I am not thinking about it so much.  I just let the time pass.  I don’t want to count the days.  All I think is that someday all my sacrifices will pay off.
Yesterday, my former roommate in college sent me an IM informing me that she will be coming home this December with her family.  This was a great news for me because the last time we saw each other was the day we graduated in college; and that was ten years ago.  I am very excited to see her once again and her daughter Nicole that I only get to see in the picture she sent me.

She was one of my good friends way back our college days and up to now still remains as such.  We became roommates when she took her second degree.  She used to help me with my assignments in my accounting subjects whenever I am having difficulty in understanding the lessons.  She tutored me for free.   We watched movies and television together.  Our Friday evenings were spent drinking beer and eating balot with the lights off.  This we do so as not to see the chick inside the balot.  Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t help but miss those days.  There is nobody now that I can share the same experience again.  Maybe it will never happen anymore.

In the span of ten years, we never lost contact with each other.  I would sometimes send her cards thru snail mail, sometimes I would send e-mail or we chat.  Even if we went our separate ways after graduation, we never forget each other.  She got married and went back to school to study nursing and then went to work in Isle of Man.  Later her family joined her there.  I on the other hand lead my own life after college.  I end up working here in Cotabato City and one more time becomes a student again.  I hope that we will meet this December for our much anticipated reunion because I already miss this woman that I consider my elder sister, my Ate Vyke.

I slept late last night because of some pending tasks that I have to do before the deadline.  I never felt like I sleep at all.  When I woke up, I feel so tired and it took all my energy to get up and took a shower.  I hurried up so that I will not be late for work.  I am tempted not to go but still I have to because it is still Thursday and I have to finish the deed of sale that I encoded yesterday.  I have to print it now for proofreading. 

When I arrived at my workplace, I found my classmate reading the Review of Trigosamine while waiting for me to arrive.  She returned all the copy of cases assigned to us in one of our subjects that she borrowed from me last week.  After my classmate left, I went to work to finish the deed of sale.  I am glad because nobody uses the computer this morning; I have it all for myself.  It is a good thing our stenographer is not encoding her transcript of stenographic notes.    After printing the deed of sale, I proceeded on encoding my calendar of cases for the scheduled court hearing next week.  This is only for the purposes of resetting since we do not conduct hearings during Ramadhan because the prosecutors are fasting. 

I guess I am done with my task for this morning.  It’s time for lunch folks and I got to catch some sleep.  Till next time again.

Online games these days are very popular not even to kids and teen-agers but also to adults; regardless of sex, social status and educational attainment.  Before I applied for an internet connection, I used to go to internet café when I am doing some research and sometimes play girly online games.  I was fascinated to see kids as young as seven years old sitting next to me playing online games which I knew nothing about.  They were talking to each other like they came from another dimension with the terms that they used. 

I was not really a fan of online games before.  I only started to appreciate it when I made a Facebook account and I started playing online games too.  I used to be so crazy with games like Farm Town and Farm Ville.  I remember the time when I have to compete with my officemates to play these games.  A friend of mine also introduced me to a new kind of entertainment, an online poker game.  I never knew a thing about poker so my friend patiently taught me everything I have to know about it.  Actually, it was from her that I learned about PokerStars.

PokerStars is the largest online poker room these days.   If you want to play, do it by signing up first.  Installation is very simple and need not be boring because downloading will only take a minute using a DSL connection since the size of the PokerStars Download is only 9.6 MB.  PokerStars is also available in 24 major languages.  Navigating is easy and there are a lot of options to choose from as PokerStars uses the tab system.    You also get a PokerStars Bonus Code once you make your first deposit.  Joining tournaments is also a lot of fun.  Speaking of tournament, attention poker lovers, why don’t you try and sign up to Full Tilt Poker using Flop Turn River so you can participate in their exclusive monthly tournament and take home more bucks.  Oppps….don’t rush up you still need a Full Tilt Poker Download to enjoy all these.

The other night, a Chinese businessman was kidnapped in front of his store.  Yesterday an acquaintance was robbed of her cellular phone while inside a jeep on the way to her work place.  Just this afternoon, the store owned by my friend’s mom was also robbed.  The robber took their day’s income.  Criminals are back again.  
We have a very small city but the crimes are unmanageable.  I do not know what happened to our cops and other law enforcers.  I wonder if they are still doing their job.  The other night while the kidnapping was in progress, a lot of concerned citizens were trying to call the hotline of Task Group Tugis to report the incident but no one is answering their calls.  This is very weird since they have a hotline number in case of emergency and yet no one will attend to the callers when they try to reach the hotline.  There should have been an operator to receive calls at anytime.  It is useless to provide a hotline then no one would answer it.  It is sad to think that the people are doing their part in fighting crimes and yet our law enforcers are the one who are not doing their jobs.  How can we prevent these crimes when the one who are in charge in fighting it are not doing their job?  I wonder what will happen to the people here in my place.  Maybe they would start to do their duty when their family will become the victim of these criminals.  I hope the government will do something about it.  Maybe let the marines take over again just like what happened before so that people can have their peace of mind again.

This morning I received a text from my underwriter reminding me of my insurance premium which is due on August 20, 2010.  I was so busy for the past few days that I completely forgotten about it.  It is payment time again.  I am having difficulty budgeting for my bills this month; I have incurred so many expenses, not only for my personal needs but also for my sister’s allowance and for my mother’s medication.  I hope I can survive this one.

Last year, I thought of getting insurance because of my family.  I am never sure about what will happen to me so I thought of something that I could leave to them if something happens to me.  My aunt told me about this No Medical Exam Life Insurance that is so easy to apply.  You get covered without the hassle of undergoing medical examination.  A lot of people are skeptical about this thing but not me.  I believe that insurance is a good investment if you only know the right company.

Going back to my bills, I felt relieved when I check my savings specially allotted for  in case of contingency.  I decided to “borrow” from it to pay for my insurance premium and for my internet bill.  It really pays to set aside for things like this.

Yesterday at 12 noon the website of the President of the Republic of the Philippines was launched.   When I heard about it on the radio, I thought of checking it out, however I got so tied up with work that I forget about it.  It was only this evening that I was able to see it.  I like the look of the website featuring famous slogans of His Excellency, information about his cabinet, section where the youth can say what they want to him and another section for the citizens’ concerns.  This is a good initiative of the government in reaching out to its people.  There were feedbacks that this is somewhat elitist because only those who have computers and internet connection can access to it.  Well anyway, no matter what the government does, critics will always have something to say about it so this is just normal. 

As for my part, I am happy for this new development because for the first time in my life, I will be able to interact with the President.  I can say what are my concerns being a citizen of this country.  Isn’t it great to be able to do that?  I have not done this during the time of President Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.   
Are you ready to visit P. Noy’s site? Just click here.

Product advertising and promotion are essential tools for the survival of a business.  Companies spent a great amount in hiring advertising firms to develop not only creative but also effective marketing tool for the promotion their products or services to their target market.

I remember in the old days, the most popular form of advertising or product promotion is television, radio and newspaper ads.  There are also several, who utilized leaflets and flyers.  Then they introduced the giant billboards that filled both sides of the major highways.  Product promotion not only comes big; sometimes it is in the form of small items like pouches, paper weights, mugs, pens, calendars, notebooks and a lot more items that they can think of. 

The trend in product promotion continues to change as the years passed by.  With the easy access to information technology, more and more people are getting hooked to World Wide Web.  The advent of globalization changed the way of product marketing today.  Advertisers took advantage of this new technology for product promotion.  Since social networking sites are very popular these days, they utilized Facebook and Twitter for business promotion.  They also developed social email marketing that everytime I check my emails, I would find several emails promoting different products and services.  In fact, my day won’t pass without receiving emails of this kind.

Advertising has gone a long way already.  I do not know what are still in store for the future but one thing I am sure of, it will surprise and continue to surprise me.
Friday the 13th they say is a very unlucky day.  I do not really believe this one actually but there are a lot of people who believe so.  A lot of people associate the number 13 with bad luck especially those who are superstitious.  I have heard and read a lot of stories about the origin of this belief.  One of these is the story about the Knights Templar whose members were ordered arrested and executed by King Philip in France on October 13, 1307 and it was Friday.  Erap was the 13th president of the Philippine Republic and look at what happened to him in 2001.

I have visited a place once where there is a tower that has no 13th floor; after the 12th floor the next one is 14th  Maybe the owner of that building is also scared of bad luck brought about by the number 13.    Well anyway, I am not superstitious and I don’t believe it.  Everyday can be like Friday the 13th if we don’t know how to conduct our daily business with care.  Accidents happen everyday not only on this day.   So cheer up guys, this day does not bring bad luck. floor.

Ramadan starts tonight.  It is a holiday for Islam believers.  It is the start of fasting that lasts for a month.  We do not conduct court hearings as respect to those believers who observe this holiday.  In school, we have an activity called “pabuka”.  It is our own way of breaking the fast in a day.  Foods are prepared to be shared with every student in our college, Christians and Muslims alike.  Our schedule to serve is every Thursday but we will start next week since we are still observing the activity as the upper class do it.  
I like Ramadan.  What I don’t like is that some people are discharging their guns that cause alarm to the people.  It may be a normal scene here but I am not comfortable with it.  Just like last night after my class in Legal Research, I was walking with my friend and classmate Dimple to the gate when we heard six gunshots.  I do not know what that was all about.  I thought somebody got killed again like what happens most of the time.  When we reached the gate, I was relieved when the guard told us that nobody got killed.  And then today, as the Ramadan starts, I heard gun shots again.  I do not know why this people are doing this.  It may be a way of having fun for them but not for others who do not like guns.  I hope the authorities will do something about it.

It is easy to form an organization.  Anybody who wants form one would only gather everyone they know to become its members.  To maintain an organization, every member should cooperate in all their activities and it is also a must that everyone should be in harmony with one another.  A good leader and a systematic delegation of tasks are vital requirements if you want to have a successful organization.  Further, for an organization to thrive, it needs to be financially stable to support the organization’s needs and back their operations.

In our freshman class, we agreed to form an organization that aims to support each and everyone in the class.  This is to relieve everyone from the hassle of photocopying the cases assigned to us.  To defray our expenses in photocopying, we decided to have a fund raising so as not to burden everyone with the costs.  The president assigned some of us as school fundraiser especially those who are not working during the day.   I remember my younger days.  We also do fundraising by selling some items to other students during school activities.  We were not only having fun but also we were earning some bucks for our organization.

For organizations like school fundraiser and church fundraiser, you can find some fundraising tools from  It also provides great fundraising ideas to make your fundraising a fun activity.  And for more information, ideas, help and feedback from other pto fundraisers about fundraising grab your own copy of PTO Today.

I woke up this morning missing my mother a lot and I have been thinking all about her until now.  I don’t know why.  She visited us the other day and cooked my favorite sautéed mushroom dish.  And now I am missing her again.  If I am not working, I want to spend every moment with her and just talk to her or lie next to her.  Since I work away from home, I rarely go home to my parents now.  I can only go home when there is a long holiday.

I am a grown up; but sometimes, I can’t help feeling like a child when she is around.  Everytime I get sick, I would feel better if she is with me.  I love her so much and I will do anything just to see her happy.  My mother won the softest part of my heart.  I don’t know why but I am crying while I am writing this one.   I want to run in her arms and cry and once again feel that I am a kid, tell her how much I am hurting.  For I will know I will find comfort in her embrace.  Mothers are the best friend any son and daughter could ever have. 

I hope Nanay will visit us again this week because I missed her terribly.  I want to lie next to her again and just listen to her voice as she talks about anything that happened at home. 
Since my friend got married last April of this year, she has stopped working to become a full time housewife.  However after four months of just being at home, she got bored and thought doing something that would be her past time while waiting for her husband.  She told me of her plan about having a mini-grocery just in front of their house since it is conveniently located at the corner of the street where many people who live in their village pass by their house everyday.  She said this is to kill the boredom that is starting to eat her.  Knowing her, she is a very active woman when she was still single.  She is always on the go and the one who is athletic type.  Sometimes she would confide to me that she feels like a prisoner detained within the four walls of their home while her husband is out of the country working.

Just tonight she called to inform me that she started to canvass for some prices of store fixture for her mini-grocery as it is under construction since next week.  I can sense the excitement in her voice as her husband has approved of her plan.  From now on, she has something to do already than just sit the whole day and watch tv.  She said, she is glad to be productive again. 
After two days of being sick finally I got up this morning feeling a little better. My headache was gone and so I wake up early and went to work. I waited for my officemates who would be my company in going to GSIS for us to have our date be captured for a new e-card. Actually, it started last February or March, but since we do not want to join the crowd, we waited until August so that there will be only few people who like us would also enroll for the new e-card. 

At the entrance gate of the GSIS building, the guard gave each of us a priority number and instructed us to transact in the second window. When we entered the building, it was full of people who are activating their respective cards and yes I saw window 2 that the guard told us. I was disappointed to see how chaotic the line was. I don’t know where it started and where it is going. It was very crowded and very topsy-turvy. The only reaction I can give is raised eyebrows. If only their system is like in a bank, it won’t be as disordered as that. Even their instructions are not clear. We were told to attach two valid identification cards which we also do to be told only after 45 minutes that they need the old e-card and that we have to photocopy those cards. It was very frustrating as after complying, we have to start all over again from the beginning as our slot was forfeited. What the hell! I was cursing under my breath.

My only consolation was, we were able to finish our transaction for a half day. This is not because of their system but for some reason that I am not allowed to say here. Hehehehe….

Thanks God, exam week is finally over.  I spent the past weekend just relaxing and sleeping.  And as usual, I still have to read my books.  It was not completely what I dreamed of spending my weekend but I got no choice.  As my professor always said, there is no vacation when you study law.  It is hard but this is what life has brought to me so I might as well grin and bear it.  

If it is only up to me, I would like to spend my time relaxing in a very nice place like norfolk broads and I would relax until I get bored and ready to work again.  Sounds like a life of a lazy person, right?  Hey, I do not want you to think I am lazy.  When I cannot escape the burden of life, I would resort to my imagination by letting my mind wander to a place where I can be at peace and can think clearly.  This is just some sort of relaxation for me; to detach myself from the stress of life and a lot of frustrating things.  
Right now, I really want to feel good.  Bad thing is I catch a virus again and now I am suffering from cough and runny nose.  Oh God, I really hate it.  I was so worried when I wake up this morning because I felt some pain inside my throat.  I thought it was tonsillitis.  I dreaded this thing to happen.  I was grateful because after I drank warm water the pain had gone.  Maybe the crazy weather has got something to do with all of these.  Right now, I am taking vitamins to make my immune system strong.  This is a bad time for me to get sick and I do not want it to interfere with my job and studies.