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Product advertising and promotion are essential tools for the survival of a business.  Companies spent a great amount in hiring advertising firms to develop not only creative but also effective marketing tool for the promotion their products or services to their target market.

I remember in the old days, the most popular form of advertising or product promotion is television, radio and newspaper ads.  There are also several, who utilized leaflets and flyers.  Then they introduced the giant billboards that filled both sides of the major highways.  Product promotion not only comes big; sometimes it is in the form of small items like pouches, paper weights, mugs, pens, calendars, notebooks and a lot more items that they can think of. 

The trend in product promotion continues to change as the years passed by.  With the easy access to information technology, more and more people are getting hooked to World Wide Web.  The advent of globalization changed the way of product marketing today.  Advertisers took advantage of this new technology for product promotion.  Since social networking sites are very popular these days, they utilized Facebook and Twitter for business promotion.  They also developed social email marketing that everytime I check my emails, I would find several emails promoting different products and services.  In fact, my day won’t pass without receiving emails of this kind.

Advertising has gone a long way already.  I do not know what are still in store for the future but one thing I am sure of, it will surprise and continue to surprise me.