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Ramadan starts tonight.  It is a holiday for Islam believers.  It is the start of fasting that lasts for a month.  We do not conduct court hearings as respect to those believers who observe this holiday.  In school, we have an activity called “pabuka”.  It is our own way of breaking the fast in a day.  Foods are prepared to be shared with every student in our college, Christians and Muslims alike.  Our schedule to serve is every Thursday but we will start next week since we are still observing the activity as the upper class do it.  
I like Ramadan.  What I don’t like is that some people are discharging their guns that cause alarm to the people.  It may be a normal scene here but I am not comfortable with it.  Just like last night after my class in Legal Research, I was walking with my friend and classmate Dimple to the gate when we heard six gunshots.  I do not know what that was all about.  I thought somebody got killed again like what happens most of the time.  When we reached the gate, I was relieved when the guard told us that nobody got killed.  And then today, as the Ramadan starts, I heard gun shots again.  I do not know why this people are doing this.  It may be a way of having fun for them but not for others who do not like guns.  I hope the authorities will do something about it.