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Yesterday, my former roommate in college sent me an IM informing me that she will be coming home this December with her family.  This was a great news for me because the last time we saw each other was the day we graduated in college; and that was ten years ago.  I am very excited to see her once again and her daughter Nicole that I only get to see in the picture she sent me.

She was one of my good friends way back our college days and up to now still remains as such.  We became roommates when she took her second degree.  She used to help me with my assignments in my accounting subjects whenever I am having difficulty in understanding the lessons.  She tutored me for free.   We watched movies and television together.  Our Friday evenings were spent drinking beer and eating balot with the lights off.  This we do so as not to see the chick inside the balot.  Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t help but miss those days.  There is nobody now that I can share the same experience again.  Maybe it will never happen anymore.

In the span of ten years, we never lost contact with each other.  I would sometimes send her cards thru snail mail, sometimes I would send e-mail or we chat.  Even if we went our separate ways after graduation, we never forget each other.  She got married and went back to school to study nursing and then went to work in Isle of Man.  Later her family joined her there.  I on the other hand lead my own life after college.  I end up working here in Cotabato City and one more time becomes a student again.  I hope that we will meet this December for our much anticipated reunion because I already miss this woman that I consider my elder sister, my Ate Vyke.