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The other night, a Chinese businessman was kidnapped in front of his store.  Yesterday an acquaintance was robbed of her cellular phone while inside a jeep on the way to her work place.  Just this afternoon, the store owned by my friend’s mom was also robbed.  The robber took their day’s income.  Criminals are back again.  
We have a very small city but the crimes are unmanageable.  I do not know what happened to our cops and other law enforcers.  I wonder if they are still doing their job.  The other night while the kidnapping was in progress, a lot of concerned citizens were trying to call the hotline of Task Group Tugis to report the incident but no one is answering their calls.  This is very weird since they have a hotline number in case of emergency and yet no one will attend to the callers when they try to reach the hotline.  There should have been an operator to receive calls at anytime.  It is useless to provide a hotline then no one would answer it.  It is sad to think that the people are doing their part in fighting crimes and yet our law enforcers are the one who are not doing their jobs.  How can we prevent these crimes when the one who are in charge in fighting it are not doing their job?  I wonder what will happen to the people here in my place.  Maybe they would start to do their duty when their family will become the victim of these criminals.  I hope the government will do something about it.  Maybe let the marines take over again just like what happened before so that people can have their peace of mind again.