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I slept late last night because of some pending tasks that I have to do before the deadline.  I never felt like I sleep at all.  When I woke up, I feel so tired and it took all my energy to get up and took a shower.  I hurried up so that I will not be late for work.  I am tempted not to go but still I have to because it is still Thursday and I have to finish the deed of sale that I encoded yesterday.  I have to print it now for proofreading. 

When I arrived at my workplace, I found my classmate reading the Review of Trigosamine while waiting for me to arrive.  She returned all the copy of cases assigned to us in one of our subjects that she borrowed from me last week.  After my classmate left, I went to work to finish the deed of sale.  I am glad because nobody uses the computer this morning; I have it all for myself.  It is a good thing our stenographer is not encoding her transcript of stenographic notes.    After printing the deed of sale, I proceeded on encoding my calendar of cases for the scheduled court hearing next week.  This is only for the purposes of resetting since we do not conduct hearings during Ramadhan because the prosecutors are fasting. 

I guess I am done with my task for this morning.  It’s time for lunch folks and I got to catch some sleep.  Till next time again.