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Kadayawan is an annual festival held in Davao City.  This week, the whole city is celebrating it.  I really wanted to go, however I got caught up with work and my studies.  Good thing we are not conducting court hearings because of the month long observation of Ramadan.  My cousin was disappointed because she was expecting me to go just like last year where I went to Davao City during the Kadayawan Festival.  It was a lot of fun.  We went shopping because there were a lot of things to see and things to buy.  The malls were offering big discounts on shoes and bags and lot things.  You know women really love to shop.  But for this year, it is different as I can no longer experience the fun.  

My aunt also asked me this afternoon if I want to go with her to Davao City tomorrow because she will also go; though not for the festival but to buy car accessories like rain guards and deflectors.  She wanted me to come with her but since I can’t go, I only asked her a favor to look for the book that I want to buy from Rex Bookstore.  I hope she can find one and buy it for me as I really need it in one of my subjects.

Because of the changes in my life this year, I would be missing the fun of Kadayawan Festival.  My life’s routine was changed when I decided to go back to school.   As of the moment, studying is my main priority; I would miss my classes if I go.  Not only that, the money for shopping should be spent for my tuition.  This is the disadvantage of being a student.  You can’t go anywhere you want because you will be absent from your class.  And as for me, I still have four years to endure this situation but I am not thinking about it so much.  I just let the time pass.  I don’t want to count the days.  All I think is that someday all my sacrifices will pay off.