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After two days of being sick finally I got up this morning feeling a little better. My headache was gone and so I wake up early and went to work. I waited for my officemates who would be my company in going to GSIS for us to have our date be captured for a new e-card. Actually, it started last February or March, but since we do not want to join the crowd, we waited until August so that there will be only few people who like us would also enroll for the new e-card. 

At the entrance gate of the GSIS building, the guard gave each of us a priority number and instructed us to transact in the second window. When we entered the building, it was full of people who are activating their respective cards and yes I saw window 2 that the guard told us. I was disappointed to see how chaotic the line was. I don’t know where it started and where it is going. It was very crowded and very topsy-turvy. The only reaction I can give is raised eyebrows. If only their system is like in a bank, it won’t be as disordered as that. Even their instructions are not clear. We were told to attach two valid identification cards which we also do to be told only after 45 minutes that they need the old e-card and that we have to photocopy those cards. It was very frustrating as after complying, we have to start all over again from the beginning as our slot was forfeited. What the hell! I was cursing under my breath.

My only consolation was, we were able to finish our transaction for a half day. This is not because of their system but for some reason that I am not allowed to say here. Hehehehe….