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It is easy to form an organization.  Anybody who wants form one would only gather everyone they know to become its members.  To maintain an organization, every member should cooperate in all their activities and it is also a must that everyone should be in harmony with one another.  A good leader and a systematic delegation of tasks are vital requirements if you want to have a successful organization.  Further, for an organization to thrive, it needs to be financially stable to support the organization’s needs and back their operations.

In our freshman class, we agreed to form an organization that aims to support each and everyone in the class.  This is to relieve everyone from the hassle of photocopying the cases assigned to us.  To defray our expenses in photocopying, we decided to have a fund raising so as not to burden everyone with the costs.  The president assigned some of us as school fundraiser especially those who are not working during the day.   I remember my younger days.  We also do fundraising by selling some items to other students during school activities.  We were not only having fun but also we were earning some bucks for our organization.

For organizations like school fundraiser and church fundraiser, you can find some fundraising tools from  It also provides great fundraising ideas to make your fundraising a fun activity.  And for more information, ideas, help and feedback from other pto fundraisers about fundraising grab your own copy of PTO Today.