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This morning I received a text from my underwriter reminding me of my insurance premium which is due on August 20, 2010.  I was so busy for the past few days that I completely forgotten about it.  It is payment time again.  I am having difficulty budgeting for my bills this month; I have incurred so many expenses, not only for my personal needs but also for my sister’s allowance and for my mother’s medication.  I hope I can survive this one.

Last year, I thought of getting insurance because of my family.  I am never sure about what will happen to me so I thought of something that I could leave to them if something happens to me.  My aunt told me about this No Medical Exam Life Insurance that is so easy to apply.  You get covered without the hassle of undergoing medical examination.  A lot of people are skeptical about this thing but not me.  I believe that insurance is a good investment if you only know the right company.

Going back to my bills, I felt relieved when I check my savings specially allotted for  in case of contingency.  I decided to “borrow” from it to pay for my insurance premium and for my internet bill.  It really pays to set aside for things like this.