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Since my friend got married last April of this year, she has stopped working to become a full time housewife.  However after four months of just being at home, she got bored and thought doing something that would be her past time while waiting for her husband.  She told me of her plan about having a mini-grocery just in front of their house since it is conveniently located at the corner of the street where many people who live in their village pass by their house everyday.  She said this is to kill the boredom that is starting to eat her.  Knowing her, she is a very active woman when she was still single.  She is always on the go and the one who is athletic type.  Sometimes she would confide to me that she feels like a prisoner detained within the four walls of their home while her husband is out of the country working.

Just tonight she called to inform me that she started to canvass for some prices of store fixture for her mini-grocery as it is under construction since next week.  I can sense the excitement in her voice as her husband has approved of her plan.  From now on, she has something to do already than just sit the whole day and watch tv.  She said, she is glad to be productive again.