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Online games these days are very popular not even to kids and teen-agers but also to adults; regardless of sex, social status and educational attainment.  Before I applied for an internet connection, I used to go to internet café when I am doing some research and sometimes play girly online games.  I was fascinated to see kids as young as seven years old sitting next to me playing online games which I knew nothing about.  They were talking to each other like they came from another dimension with the terms that they used. 

I was not really a fan of online games before.  I only started to appreciate it when I made a Facebook account and I started playing online games too.  I used to be so crazy with games like Farm Town and Farm Ville.  I remember the time when I have to compete with my officemates to play these games.  A friend of mine also introduced me to a new kind of entertainment, an online poker game.  I never knew a thing about poker so my friend patiently taught me everything I have to know about it.  Actually, it was from her that I learned about PokerStars.

PokerStars is the largest online poker room these days.   If you want to play, do it by signing up first.  Installation is very simple and need not be boring because downloading will only take a minute using a DSL connection since the size of the PokerStars Download is only 9.6 MB.  PokerStars is also available in 24 major languages.  Navigating is easy and there are a lot of options to choose from as PokerStars uses the tab system.    You also get a PokerStars Bonus Code once you make your first deposit.  Joining tournaments is also a lot of fun.  Speaking of tournament, attention poker lovers, why don’t you try and sign up to Full Tilt Poker using Flop Turn River so you can participate in their exclusive monthly tournament and take home more bucks.  Oppps….don’t rush up you still need a Full Tilt Poker Download to enjoy all these.