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I only have a class in my Criminal Law. I was thinking of going home early; however some of my classmates invited me and my friend Dimple to join them at Mc Donald’s.  So instead of going home straight, we found ourselves ordering fires, Coke Float and pineapple juice.  We only had light meal because we already ate dinner before our class started.

When I reached home, I found everybody glued on the television.  There’s this news of hostage taking incident that started since this morning.  A group of foreign tourists aboard a bus was held hostage by a desperate police officer who was dismissed from his job.  So instead of reading books, I stayed in the living room to watch the news.  It was really a sad event that ended in tragedy.  My heart goes out to the innocent tourists who became victims of this unfortunate event.  This would make Philippines again a hostile country in the eyes of the world.  However, I also feel sympathy for the police officer.  I do not know who is to be blamed for what happened.  I am glad that it already ended with other tourists still alive.

I want to commend the police force of Manila Police District for their bravery; for being there in the middle of the crisis and also the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government.  I was wondering where the PNP Chief was when the incident was happening; just asking because I haven’t seen him on the scene.