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It is Saturday, instead of waking up at 10 a.m. like I always do on weekend I woke up as early as 4 a.m. today. This is because I have a make-up class in Civil Law from eight o’clock in the morning up to twelve noon. It was past twelve when our class was dismissed. My friend and classmate Dimple treated me for lunch at Jollibee. When we got out of the establishment, we went to a store to buy marshmallows for her son. Then we both went our separate way home after. 

It did not take long before a tricycle passed by. While I was inside the vehicle and about to get some coins from my bag’s pocket to pay my fare, I wondered why my bag’s outside pocket was open. When I delved inside, I was shocked when I found out that my coin purse was missing! I desperately searched for it inside my bag but it was not there. Then it dawned to me that the woman who bumped me earlier while we were on our way to the store was a pickpocket. Now I know why she kept on bumping me despite the fact that the side walk is not crowded. I just did not mind her because I was carrying my book which is quite heavy and a bulk of papers which were photocopies of our cases in Civil Law. I never suspected anything because it is broad daylight but still, people cannot be trusted. I was very disgusted but I cannot do anything anymore. I felt so helpless. The only thing that is left for me to do is but to grin and bear it and charged it all to my experience. I have to accept the fact that my place is full of criminals and I cannot do anything about it.

As I alighted from the vehicle, I have not yet regained my composure. My knees were shaking. This is the first time that this incident happened to me. Despite this unfortunate incident, I am still grateful because it was only a pickpocket and not a snatcher. If it happened to be a snatcher who snatched my bag, I do not know what will happen to me. My bag contains every single thing that is important to me; my identification cards, my ATMs, my Divine Mercy prayer book , my rosary and my cell phone. I am so glad that everything is intact except for the coin purse. In a way, I still consider myself lucky. I am sad though because that coin purse was my sister’s gift to me. It was so priceless only to lose it in the hands of a pickpocket.


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