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Home is something that everyone can have to feel secured. It serves as one’s territory no one can enter without one’s consent. Under the law, it is being given treated as inviolable abode that if you enter it without the consent of the owner, you are already committing a crime of trespass to dwelling.

I for myself am at ease and have a peace of mind when I am home. Since I started working, my main goal is to have my own home for the satisfaction that finally, I have something that I can call my own. I am working on it now. I guess almost all urban professionals feel the same way. My friend Annette who is a nurse and is working in the States also said the she wants to buy a home because as of the moment she is living in an apartment. She is planning that by next year she will buy a new house and for now, she is looking on the net of homes for sale in Wilmington NC. She wants a house that is near the hospital where she works. Not only her but also a couple of my friends also wants to have their own home. It seems that it is everyone’s goal for this year. My sister is lucky as she already have a home because she availed of the housing loan provided by the HDMF. I think I have to have mine by availing government housing too but I still have a lot of things to think about for the moment so I think I will forego it for a while but I wish it will be realized two years from now.