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Hello guys, I would just like to inform you that my cousin, the owner of this blog is currently preoccupied with other things so she let me be her guest here for a while to entertain you.  I hope you will be with me as I take her place for the mean time.  I am sharing here something out of my experience wishing that you will be delighted with the insights that I am sharing to you.  So here goes....

Working in a medical discipline is such a demanding job that needs more attention to details.  The working environment should be as conducive as any other place of work should be in order for somebody to give his or her one hundred percent into the job.  For me, one basic need is comfortable scrubs in which I have to find a reliable nursing uniform store to buy from.  If I would chose one, I prefer one that pays more attention to detail too.  Once that can provide me with a scrub that is comfortable and fits well to my stature.

Most of the time I wear pink scrubs.  There is something in the color pink that makes me feel light as a feather.  This kind of feeling makes me feel more compassionate about my work.  If I am wearing pink its as if I am so free and so on top of everything that I do and everything that is going to happen for the rest of the day.  No matter how tired I am, no matter how crazy the workplace may seem.  Just a single glance in the mirror and i see my pink scrubs I go snap and go again.

Another color that makes my day great is my teal green scrubs, for me it is the color of life.  It makes me feel that every person I touch during that day is going to live another day longer because i wear something with a touch of green.  Green adds to my drive for work, not just that it also makes me feel that things will happen in a positive way.  Its great how simple things or different colors affects a person's perspective on things and how they make somebody feel better by just wearing one simple pretty scrubs.
Hi guys, got entangled with schedule I can't handle,  here's my cousin writing again.  I hope you enjoy this one as I do.
It was 5:30 in the afternon yesterday when I was able to reach home in time to start cooking for dinner. My son Dong was hanging around with the kids from the neighborhood. He was all laughs and screams when he spotted me as I'm about to open our gate. Then his nanny guided him to me. At first, Dong was just walking when he turned towards me but as his excitement grows to hug me, he came rushing in hops and then eventually ran as fast as he can and finally received my big hug. It's as if he won something that he giggled for a while.

Then we get inside our house. He asked for some water because he surely is thirsty after running around playing with his friends. At first i tried letting him drink from my glass and he finished what water remained in it. But it seems he cant get enough water to quench his thirst, I refilled the glass with water and let him drink it while i prepare what to cook. Then came a nice quiet moment and suddenly I heard the glass dropped into the floor with a crash. That's another glass taken from my wares. I was not worried about the glass though, im afraid that Dong might step on those broken pieces and hurt himself and so i rush to see where he is.. But then i saw him just standing still and looking at the pieces of glass he had just broken. Then with his bright wide, all teeth showing smile pointed at the mess and said "ha? o?"..As if saying "oooppsss, broke it" Awwwww.. I can't get anywhere near angry with that.  No choice but to let it all go.. I lifted him up and had my help clean up.

Another crime by Dong punishable by hugs and kisses again. It's not something major anymore after he carelessly dumped my cellphone into a bowl of water.. But then again he is just a baby.. A month left for him to become a terrible two. Those and others that cute babies or anybody else's child can get away with.

Last weekend I had the luxury to walk over the metro and see how the city had changed over this last few years.  Street names had been changed, new schools had been built, more so are the banks and what i have noticed the most are the frequency of spas and health/well-being centers.  In my own opinion, it is basically the business of beauty. It is where one can spend some time to revitalize and relax the mind and body.  These spas are located in almost every corner of the city. Then i remember the good old days that I was able to work in a six-star spa. I miss my friends who were fun to be with along with the memories we have had that we're all nothing but best and fun. 
In my old job, we were called beauty therapist.  My colleagues came from all over the world say England, the US,Nigeria, South Africa and of course Philippines.  We all went to London to study some basic cosmetology courses.  Some are already working as beauty therapists themselves.  But then our company wants us to learn its own signature spa treatments.  Treatments ranging from the basic full body massages, to utilizing heated   stones to relax tight muscles, to soaking the whole body into seaweed puree for detoxification and lovely facials that utilizes all natural ingredients that nature can give.  I consider that one of the best cosmetology schools that I have ever been into. 

With those thoughts coming back to me, i was tempted to get a full body massage for myself.  A timely pampering that is a temporary escape from a long week of work.

I had a long day.  I am very tired and all I want to do is go to bed and take a nap.    But I still have to think of my studies.  So from ORC, I went straight to school to attend my classes as I do not have the time to change my clothes anymore.  I only have one class tonight so I was able to go home early.  Tomorrow is my exam schedule for political law.  I do not know how to allot my time for it since my whole day tomorrow will be spent on my job considering that we have a deadline to make.  I am happy with my progress.  I know I can get it done before the deadline hits.  

I have read my book already but I still have to review.  I do not have enough confidence in myself that I can remember everything when the time of reckoning comes.  God help me.  I do not know if I can make do with studying while working.  This is quite hard.  But as I always say, there is no turning back anymore.  I got it started all by myself, so I have to finish this alone.  This MCQ type of exam is giving me a hard time.  I do not know if I would be able to survive it.  I have to stop now before I make myself cry.  I still have an exam to think of for tomorrow.  Wish me luck guys.

Christmas is already around the corner. It will arrive before we notice it. As early as now, I am already preparing for the holidays. I already made a list of the kids in the neighborhood so nobody will be left out when time of gift giving arrives. I do not want to see a crying child because he has not receive anything.

My sister is also preparing for it. For this year, she is planning to give clothes to the kids in the neighborhood. As for me, I already bought some gifts too but since we do not receive any bonus yet, I keep my budget tight to accommodate this another expense. And oh, I have yet to buy holiday cards for my friend Ate Vyke who is living in Isle of Man and also one for my friend Jason who demands for a giant card like the one I gave him on his birthday lol. As early as now, I am keeping my gift certificates to buy ingredients for Christmas dinner. Little by little I am starting to collect canned goods that will be using as it is expected that these goods will be very expensive when you buy them during the peak season.

Though Christmas is still three months away, I am very excited about it. Not only because it's Christmas but December is also my birth month and I have a lot to be thankful and to celebrate. This is my favorite month as I can see happy faces everyday during this season.

I woke up early to report for work. I am still sleepy but I have to force myself or I will be late. Sacrifices have to be made from time to time. The traffic was very terrible yesterday and it is going to be like this again today. I had to walk just to report for work in the middle of the scorching sun. It was not a good experience. I was sweating when I arrived in my workplace. While on my way this morning, I noticed the traffic was getting heavier by the second. So I brace myself for another day of walking. Thanks goodness, it was not as terrible as I expected.

I take my morning lightly with my draft ready for printing and later for checking by my boss. I have a great faith that I will be able to beat the deadline although I am still halfway with my task. Again I have to prepare for another session of back breaking encoding and proof reading of my own job. I miss blog hopping already.

Another court holds their session on their exclusion case similar to ours. It is another half day of boring questions and answers. My head is aching just hearing the same questions and answers over and over. This is always what happens whenever election time is approaching. Candidates petitioning for the exclusion and inclusion of voters. It is very time consuming; however we can do nothing about it as it is their constitutional right to be heard before the court.

Our hearing schedule this afternoon was canceled earlier and this reminds me that I still have to call one of the lawyers to inform of the canceled schedule. This maybe a busy day but I am still thankful to God for this another day that I have to live.

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It’s Monday again!  Oh how I hate Mondays.  The weekend flies so fast.  Waking up late and having breakfast late; slowly sipping a cup of coffee without a care about time while watching a movie, now that is a perfect weekend for me.  I have not yet savored it to the fullest.  I miss long holidays.  I woke up still sleepy but I have nothing to do but get up and go to work.  It is my source of living.  Sleeping can wait until next weekend.
We’ve been very busy since last week because of the exclusion cases lodged in our court.  I am lucky because we do not have classes last week because our professors had their retreat.  My plan of going home last Saturday was thwarted.  I am kind of frustrated but it happens, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I did my laundry instead and spend my time reading books.  
I still have a lot of things to do but I take it slowly.  I do not want to put myself in too much pressure as it can make me sick.  This has been my experience so far.  I feel like my resistance weakens when I am in too much pressure.  Sometimes I feel envious of people who do nothing but relax and read under the sun.  If only I am rich I won’t have to do all these hehehe…  I am not complaining though.  It is just sort of wish I have that I know will never ever happen.  I think I have to stop thinking about it and get on with reality. 
Education is something that is never ending.  Some would prefer just whatever they can finish so to be called “schooled”. But others have this enormous hunger for knowledge. Some people will gladly do from double major to double masters up until PhD. Completing such task is not an easy one. Every level of education should be concluded with either a thesis for the master’s degree or a phd dissertation for those into PhD’s.
These paper works starts with a good title for research.  A title should be feasible and one where the reader can find some hints about the paperwork even without reading it yet. This kind of paper work takes months or sometimes years to make that even choosing of a dissertation topic would take some time. Its success depends on how the research was implemented and also on the fact that it was able to give answers to questions surrounding the research. It does not only require time and effort but also a vast collection of knowledge from other individuals, famous or not that can help support facts in order to prove a certain hypothesis in the study. Some people would make use of dissertation help by hiring a company that offers dissertation services to make a good title for such paper works. The possibilities are endless.    

I remember the times when my aunt was on her way to finishing her PhD in Economics in a state university.  It did not only cost her money that is no way near a joke.  In order to make things happen from data gathering which involves massive printing of questionnaires to travel expenses to get into places that are targets of that specific research and much more is the manpower that is also a big factor in helping the research materialize. Professionals such as statisticians and or engineers or whatever discipline is needed to make all variables measurable also sometimes gets paid on these. Not only that, after all the data were gathered here comes data processing.  In this case no way to turn to but to the right the direction or else the work becomes bias if something goes wrong.  And then the final defense comes.  Heads of departments, advisers and other key persons take seat to scrutinize the reliability and measurability of the said work.  It would not only cost an hour but sometimes more dragging hours of questioning in which case the researcher should be able to pacify the inquisitive minds of the panels.  This is the moment where the researcher should show all his/her work in no less than gleaming polished artifact of knowledge worth to be awarded a title when graduation comes.

Thus the title PhD or MA or MBA, these are some of the things some people opt to do in life.  The quest to gain knowledge in their own field of expertise that makes them a brand in their own selves. Do you think you have what it takes to deserve these letters after your name?
I love the idea of having a guest blogger.  I have been thinking about it for quite sometime now.  And today I am able to materialize it when my cousin said yes to my invitation to be a guest blogger of Sunday Blues.  She decided to write about her son and  this is what my cousin has to say.

It was 2 o'clock in the morning today when I woke up to my son's movement inside our bedroom.  I was still sleepy when i saw him standing in-front of my lap top trying to press some of the keys. A little surprised to see him awake and a bit dismayed because my much needed sleep was disturbed. I carried him back to bed immediately so i can resume sleeping. He was trying to tell me something in his own incomprehensible utterances but because I am almost in a dreaming state I disregard his mumblings and we were able to get back to sleep again.

Then the morning comes, I am all fresh and full of energy.  All ready to go ahead with my day when i noticed two pieces of white squares on my table. Wondering what it is, I need  to use the computer anyway, I went near my pc. To my surprise I saw pieces of letters f and r of my keyboard striped from its place.  It's as if somebody tried to really dug it out from the rest of the keys. Angry and disappointed i told my husband about what happened and worse he just laughed at it. He told me to buy a usb keyboard.  A quick solution but I am not relieved! You know the feeling that you are so angry yet you can not vent it out to that person who made you angry instead when I look at my son he is all smiling, chubby a cuddly. See? It's so frustrating!!!

Well anyways, to resolve the problem I rushed into the nearest mall to buy a new keyboard. With my inner self trying to fight within I forced myself to buy a bubble gummy pink usb keyboard. Sigh... Because there is nothing I can do about, now I have to make do with my pink keyboard.. lol..  
I hope that this is not the first and last time that she would be writing here.
Travelling is one of my life’s quest. I have tried going into places that ticks my interests. May it be the adventure of travelling or whatever happenings there is in the place of destination there is always something in there that would remind me of that specific travel. Wherever I go I always collect post cards of all sorts. It does not matter if it only looks so simple what matters the most is the very essence of the place that it portrays in the post card.

I collect post cards in threes. One for me to keep, another one for my friends to give away when I got home and the third to be sent from the place where it is bought straight to my own address. I do that so I will be able to receive the post cards I sent to myself. Silly as it seems but it is one thing that I have made a habit of doing. Thanks to post card mailing services for helping my cards reach my very own home. They really makes my travel complete and even more memorable. The stamp affixed on the card seem to makes the experience even more livelier and real every time I look into those post cards.

These small things makes me smile and long for travels to make in the future. I know it would be something that I would do to fill my days while I am alive.

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I just got home. I am done with my midterm in civil law finally. I went straight home to relax my tired body. I have to wake up early tomorrow as our court has already resumed normal hearing schedule. I miss blogging, blog hopping, playing Frontierville and chatting with old friends. My classmates are planning to have an outing this weekend but I am not sure if I will go because I am thinking of going home this weekend to my parents. It has been months that I did not go home to them. I missed them very much.

I want to go to sleep but then I remember that I still have to eat dinner. There are still a lot of things to do but it can wait. I feel so tired. I do not have a class starting tomorrow until Friday as our professors are going to have their retreat. I would have a lot of time to digest cases as part of my finals requirements.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my cousin to reply my message. She said she has something to tell me. I do not have a clue what it is so I have nothing else to do but wait. Sadly, twenty minutes had passed and yet I got no reply. Maybe it can wait until tomorrow.
My values education teacher once told me that the way a person takes care of his personal things reflects his character.  Having well kept and well maintained personal things would indicate that a person is also organized with his affairs and life as well.  Sometimes even details as small as address signs is a reflection of one’s personality too.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning sipping a cup of coffee then you get out of your door to pick up the morning paper only to be greeted by the poor and dilapidated state of your address sign clinging for life on the side of your mailbox.  This could absolutely ruin your morning good mood.  To avoid this experience, the best thing to do is replace it immediately.  What’s more exciting than seeing having your own new unique address plaque being installed on your mailbox to make it more appealing?  However this excitement is sometimes dampened by the expensive cost of new plaques these days.  This is one of the reasons why people would sometimes forego of buying one.  Good thing there is a company that answers   this predicament that haunts customers.   It is the is an online company that specializes in customized address plaques and numbers.  They deliver customer’s order quickly so there is no need to wait long just to get hold of the address plaque that is uniquely your own.   Why choose  First, they guarantee that they have the lowest prices compare to other companies who offer the same products.  Second, they have the largest selection of address plaques available in the market today.  They carry all the items of the top manufacturers that come in latest styles and colors that would surely delight customers.  And lastly, they have a team of customer service expert who would address customer’s inquiries about their products. 

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I am looking forward for a school holiday on Wednesday September 8, 2010.  It will be Notre Dame Day in all schools that have Blessed Virgin Mary as its Patroness.   I am a Notre Damean myself since I was twelve.  I spent four years of high school in a Notre Dame School and another four years in college to get my degree.  And as of the moment, I am being a Notre Damean again since June.  I am proud to be one.  I love Mama Mary. 

Notre Dame Day is one of my favorite feasts in high school.  I like to think of it as feast of all feasts.  I always like to attend celebrations that have to do with this day.  I love singing Notre Dame our Mother.  I memorized every word of it.  I will never forget about it until the day I die.  It is part of my life.  I remember one of my teachers said before, once a Notre Damean, always a Notre Damean.  I think it is true.  I feel it inside me.  I never forget about what Notre Dame stands for.  I think of her as a mother I could always run to when I am in distress.    She is a mother who would always understand no matter how wayward I am.   There is no way to go to find peace but in her embrace for it is there that I find solace.

I am being drama again, sorry folks but that is what I feel towards Mama Mary.

Insurance as I always say is a good investment. It indemnifies the insured against loss, damage or liability that may arise from an unforeseen event. It is some sort of cloak that would protect the insured. It is a wise investment for a person who values everything in his life. It is some sort of fallback when something inevitable happens. 

I have a friend who used to be very skeptical when it comes to insurance. He only learned about its importance when he met an accident. It was a case of head on collision on a dark and stormy night. He was so lucky to have survived it but his car, unfortunately did not. It was a total wreck. Since he did not have car insurance that time, he had to pay the costs of the damage endured by the owner of the other car involved in the accident as he was the one who was at fault. He agreed to an amicable settlement than to run the risk of being indicted of reckless imprudence. So when he bought a new car, he immediately have it insured when an agent answered his auto insurance coverage question. It is a sad thing for people to learn only after something bad happened.

It is a character of a cautious person to be prepared for almost anything. I adapted this thinking when I started working. I was alone with nobody to depend on since I am far from home. I love my family so much so I think it is always best to be prepared. I got myself a life and health insurance when I saw a woman got crippled from a car accident too. I was so scared thinking about it. I want to protect myself from becoming useless when (God forbids) the same thing happen to me. I talked to an underwriter and we discussed a few insurance questions and answers. She was a very accommodating lady.

Nowadays, there are a lot of insurance being offered. Some of them are online insurance. My friend not being contented with just one auto insurance got another one online. One company he recommends is Online Auto Insurance. Check out this site for some of your ins questions.

One more thing before I go, no matter how many insurance covers you and your property, do not be lax, be very careful in your everyday activities, most especially with driving.

This blog is already one year and five months.  I wonder why I lasted this long.  Despite my busy schedule I am able to squeeze some time for updating this blog.  I am glad to have achieved a Page Rank of 3 in this span of time.  I only expect to get 1 on my first year however it superseded my expectation.  This is the main factor why I keep on going and well, I love talking and writing.  
When I decided to make another blog, that is, Scribbling Moments; I want it to be a hosted blog.  However after almost 50 days of being live, I got the shock of my life when it got Page Rank 3!  So I forego my plan of having it hosted.  It remained a free hosted blog up to this moment.  
Sine last June, I was not able to update it as regular as I used to do before.  This is because my studies and job are taking so much of my time that when I get home I am so tired mentally and physically.  My other blog suffer for my irresponsibility.  It lost its Page Rank on July.  I was disheartened but still accepted it.  This time I am back to 0 again.  My plan of having it hosted came back to me.  I am considering it for a week now. If ever I do it, I am thinking of engaging the services of vps web hosting.