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I woke up early to report for work. I am still sleepy but I have to force myself or I will be late. Sacrifices have to be made from time to time. The traffic was very terrible yesterday and it is going to be like this again today. I had to walk just to report for work in the middle of the scorching sun. It was not a good experience. I was sweating when I arrived in my workplace. While on my way this morning, I noticed the traffic was getting heavier by the second. So I brace myself for another day of walking. Thanks goodness, it was not as terrible as I expected.

I take my morning lightly with my draft ready for printing and later for checking by my boss. I have a great faith that I will be able to beat the deadline although I am still halfway with my task. Again I have to prepare for another session of back breaking encoding and proof reading of my own job. I miss blog hopping already.

Another court holds their session on their exclusion case similar to ours. It is another half day of boring questions and answers. My head is aching just hearing the same questions and answers over and over. This is always what happens whenever election time is approaching. Candidates petitioning for the exclusion and inclusion of voters. It is very time consuming; however we can do nothing about it as it is their constitutional right to be heard before the court.

Our hearing schedule this afternoon was canceled earlier and this reminds me that I still have to call one of the lawyers to inform of the canceled schedule. This maybe a busy day but I am still thankful to God for this another day that I have to live.