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I love the idea of having a guest blogger.  I have been thinking about it for quite sometime now.  And today I am able to materialize it when my cousin said yes to my invitation to be a guest blogger of Sunday Blues.  She decided to write about her son and  this is what my cousin has to say.

It was 2 o'clock in the morning today when I woke up to my son's movement inside our bedroom.  I was still sleepy when i saw him standing in-front of my lap top trying to press some of the keys. A little surprised to see him awake and a bit dismayed because my much needed sleep was disturbed. I carried him back to bed immediately so i can resume sleeping. He was trying to tell me something in his own incomprehensible utterances but because I am almost in a dreaming state I disregard his mumblings and we were able to get back to sleep again.

Then the morning comes, I am all fresh and full of energy.  All ready to go ahead with my day when i noticed two pieces of white squares on my table. Wondering what it is, I need  to use the computer anyway, I went near my pc. To my surprise I saw pieces of letters f and r of my keyboard striped from its place.  It's as if somebody tried to really dug it out from the rest of the keys. Angry and disappointed i told my husband about what happened and worse he just laughed at it. He told me to buy a usb keyboard.  A quick solution but I am not relieved! You know the feeling that you are so angry yet you can not vent it out to that person who made you angry instead when I look at my son he is all smiling, chubby a cuddly. See? It's so frustrating!!!

Well anyways, to resolve the problem I rushed into the nearest mall to buy a new keyboard. With my inner self trying to fight within I forced myself to buy a bubble gummy pink usb keyboard. Sigh... Because there is nothing I can do about, now I have to make do with my pink keyboard.. lol..  
I hope that this is not the first and last time that she would be writing here.


Self Sagacity said...

Hi Len, I haven't been here in a while. So great to see that you are busy writing, and going to school? That is a lot and blogging can be addicting, I would miss it a lot if I ever find a job again too. :-)
If you have time, come join our Thursday meme, where you can linkup on BReflections - a pagerank 3 site.
Will be back to see you again. Best.