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Last weekend I had the luxury to walk over the metro and see how the city had changed over this last few years.  Street names had been changed, new schools had been built, more so are the banks and what i have noticed the most are the frequency of spas and health/well-being centers.  In my own opinion, it is basically the business of beauty. It is where one can spend some time to revitalize and relax the mind and body.  These spas are located in almost every corner of the city. Then i remember the good old days that I was able to work in a six-star spa. I miss my friends who were fun to be with along with the memories we have had that we're all nothing but best and fun. 
In my old job, we were called beauty therapist.  My colleagues came from all over the world say England, the US,Nigeria, South Africa and of course Philippines.  We all went to London to study some basic cosmetology courses.  Some are already working as beauty therapists themselves.  But then our company wants us to learn its own signature spa treatments.  Treatments ranging from the basic full body massages, to utilizing heated   stones to relax tight muscles, to soaking the whole body into seaweed puree for detoxification and lovely facials that utilizes all natural ingredients that nature can give.  I consider that one of the best cosmetology schools that I have ever been into. 

With those thoughts coming back to me, i was tempted to get a full body massage for myself.  A timely pampering that is a temporary escape from a long week of work.


Yami said...

Hi sis. Mabuti naman ako. Oo nga napansin ko bihira ka rin mag-update ng blogs mo. I know busy ka sa studies and work mo. Ok lang bihira ka makapag-bloghop, ako din naman. busy naman sa bahay at kids.

Salamat sa pagbisita. Good luck sa lahat ng endeavors mo sis. Regards to your family and take care. God Bless. :)

-- Yami

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