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Hello guys, I would just like to inform you that my cousin, the owner of this blog is currently preoccupied with other things so she let me be her guest here for a while to entertain you.  I hope you will be with me as I take her place for the mean time.  I am sharing here something out of my experience wishing that you will be delighted with the insights that I am sharing to you.  So here goes....

Working in a medical discipline is such a demanding job that needs more attention to details.  The working environment should be as conducive as any other place of work should be in order for somebody to give his or her one hundred percent into the job.  For me, one basic need is comfortable scrubs in which I have to find a reliable nursing uniform store to buy from.  If I would chose one, I prefer one that pays more attention to detail too.  Once that can provide me with a scrub that is comfortable and fits well to my stature.

Most of the time I wear pink scrubs.  There is something in the color pink that makes me feel light as a feather.  This kind of feeling makes me feel more compassionate about my work.  If I am wearing pink its as if I am so free and so on top of everything that I do and everything that is going to happen for the rest of the day.  No matter how tired I am, no matter how crazy the workplace may seem.  Just a single glance in the mirror and i see my pink scrubs I go snap and go again.

Another color that makes my day great is my teal green scrubs, for me it is the color of life.  It makes me feel that every person I touch during that day is going to live another day longer because i wear something with a touch of green.  Green adds to my drive for work, not just that it also makes me feel that things will happen in a positive way.  Its great how simple things or different colors affects a person's perspective on things and how they make somebody feel better by just wearing one simple pretty scrubs.