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Hi guys, got entangled with schedule I can't handle,  here's my cousin writing again.  I hope you enjoy this one as I do.
It was 5:30 in the afternon yesterday when I was able to reach home in time to start cooking for dinner. My son Dong was hanging around with the kids from the neighborhood. He was all laughs and screams when he spotted me as I'm about to open our gate. Then his nanny guided him to me. At first, Dong was just walking when he turned towards me but as his excitement grows to hug me, he came rushing in hops and then eventually ran as fast as he can and finally received my big hug. It's as if he won something that he giggled for a while.

Then we get inside our house. He asked for some water because he surely is thirsty after running around playing with his friends. At first i tried letting him drink from my glass and he finished what water remained in it. But it seems he cant get enough water to quench his thirst, I refilled the glass with water and let him drink it while i prepare what to cook. Then came a nice quiet moment and suddenly I heard the glass dropped into the floor with a crash. That's another glass taken from my wares. I was not worried about the glass though, im afraid that Dong might step on those broken pieces and hurt himself and so i rush to see where he is.. But then i saw him just standing still and looking at the pieces of glass he had just broken. Then with his bright wide, all teeth showing smile pointed at the mess and said "ha? o?"..As if saying "oooppsss, broke it" Awwwww.. I can't get anywhere near angry with that.  No choice but to let it all go.. I lifted him up and had my help clean up.

Another crime by Dong punishable by hugs and kisses again. It's not something major anymore after he carelessly dumped my cellphone into a bowl of water.. But then again he is just a baby.. A month left for him to become a terrible two. Those and others that cute babies or anybody else's child can get away with.