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Christmas is already around the corner. It will arrive before we notice it. As early as now, I am already preparing for the holidays. I already made a list of the kids in the neighborhood so nobody will be left out when time of gift giving arrives. I do not want to see a crying child because he has not receive anything.

My sister is also preparing for it. For this year, she is planning to give clothes to the kids in the neighborhood. As for me, I already bought some gifts too but since we do not receive any bonus yet, I keep my budget tight to accommodate this another expense. And oh, I have yet to buy holiday cards for my friend Ate Vyke who is living in Isle of Man and also one for my friend Jason who demands for a giant card like the one I gave him on his birthday lol. As early as now, I am keeping my gift certificates to buy ingredients for Christmas dinner. Little by little I am starting to collect canned goods that will be using as it is expected that these goods will be very expensive when you buy them during the peak season.

Though Christmas is still three months away, I am very excited about it. Not only because it's Christmas but December is also my birth month and I have a lot to be thankful and to celebrate. This is my favorite month as I can see happy faces everyday during this season.