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I just got home. I am done with my midterm in civil law finally. I went straight home to relax my tired body. I have to wake up early tomorrow as our court has already resumed normal hearing schedule. I miss blogging, blog hopping, playing Frontierville and chatting with old friends. My classmates are planning to have an outing this weekend but I am not sure if I will go because I am thinking of going home this weekend to my parents. It has been months that I did not go home to them. I missed them very much.

I want to go to sleep but then I remember that I still have to eat dinner. There are still a lot of things to do but it can wait. I feel so tired. I do not have a class starting tomorrow until Friday as our professors are going to have their retreat. I would have a lot of time to digest cases as part of my finals requirements.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my cousin to reply my message. She said she has something to tell me. I do not have a clue what it is so I have nothing else to do but wait. Sadly, twenty minutes had passed and yet I got no reply. Maybe it can wait until tomorrow.