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This blog is already one year and five months.  I wonder why I lasted this long.  Despite my busy schedule I am able to squeeze some time for updating this blog.  I am glad to have achieved a Page Rank of 3 in this span of time.  I only expect to get 1 on my first year however it superseded my expectation.  This is the main factor why I keep on going and well, I love talking and writing.  
When I decided to make another blog, that is, Scribbling Moments; I want it to be a hosted blog.  However after almost 50 days of being live, I got the shock of my life when it got Page Rank 3!  So I forego my plan of having it hosted.  It remained a free hosted blog up to this moment.  
Sine last June, I was not able to update it as regular as I used to do before.  This is because my studies and job are taking so much of my time that when I get home I am so tired mentally and physically.  My other blog suffer for my irresponsibility.  It lost its Page Rank on July.  I was disheartened but still accepted it.  This time I am back to 0 again.  My plan of having it hosted came back to me.  I am considering it for a week now. If ever I do it, I am thinking of engaging the services of vps web hosting.