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Travelling is one of my life’s quest. I have tried going into places that ticks my interests. May it be the adventure of travelling or whatever happenings there is in the place of destination there is always something in there that would remind me of that specific travel. Wherever I go I always collect post cards of all sorts. It does not matter if it only looks so simple what matters the most is the very essence of the place that it portrays in the post card.

I collect post cards in threes. One for me to keep, another one for my friends to give away when I got home and the third to be sent from the place where it is bought straight to my own address. I do that so I will be able to receive the post cards I sent to myself. Silly as it seems but it is one thing that I have made a habit of doing. Thanks to post card mailing services for helping my cards reach my very own home. They really makes my travel complete and even more memorable. The stamp affixed on the card seem to makes the experience even more livelier and real every time I look into those post cards.

These small things makes me smile and long for travels to make in the future. I know it would be something that I would do to fill my days while I am alive.