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Insurance as I always say is a good investment. It indemnifies the insured against loss, damage or liability that may arise from an unforeseen event. It is some sort of cloak that would protect the insured. It is a wise investment for a person who values everything in his life. It is some sort of fallback when something inevitable happens. 

I have a friend who used to be very skeptical when it comes to insurance. He only learned about its importance when he met an accident. It was a case of head on collision on a dark and stormy night. He was so lucky to have survived it but his car, unfortunately did not. It was a total wreck. Since he did not have car insurance that time, he had to pay the costs of the damage endured by the owner of the other car involved in the accident as he was the one who was at fault. He agreed to an amicable settlement than to run the risk of being indicted of reckless imprudence. So when he bought a new car, he immediately have it insured when an agent answered his auto insurance coverage question. It is a sad thing for people to learn only after something bad happened.

It is a character of a cautious person to be prepared for almost anything. I adapted this thinking when I started working. I was alone with nobody to depend on since I am far from home. I love my family so much so I think it is always best to be prepared. I got myself a life and health insurance when I saw a woman got crippled from a car accident too. I was so scared thinking about it. I want to protect myself from becoming useless when (God forbids) the same thing happen to me. I talked to an underwriter and we discussed a few insurance questions and answers. She was a very accommodating lady.

Nowadays, there are a lot of insurance being offered. Some of them are online insurance. My friend not being contented with just one auto insurance got another one online. One company he recommends is Online Auto Insurance. Check out this site for some of your ins questions.

One more thing before I go, no matter how many insurance covers you and your property, do not be lax, be very careful in your everyday activities, most especially with driving.