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I am looking forward for a school holiday on Wednesday September 8, 2010.  It will be Notre Dame Day in all schools that have Blessed Virgin Mary as its Patroness.   I am a Notre Damean myself since I was twelve.  I spent four years of high school in a Notre Dame School and another four years in college to get my degree.  And as of the moment, I am being a Notre Damean again since June.  I am proud to be one.  I love Mama Mary. 

Notre Dame Day is one of my favorite feasts in high school.  I like to think of it as feast of all feasts.  I always like to attend celebrations that have to do with this day.  I love singing Notre Dame our Mother.  I memorized every word of it.  I will never forget about it until the day I die.  It is part of my life.  I remember one of my teachers said before, once a Notre Damean, always a Notre Damean.  I think it is true.  I feel it inside me.  I never forget about what Notre Dame stands for.  I think of her as a mother I could always run to when I am in distress.    She is a mother who would always understand no matter how wayward I am.   There is no way to go to find peace but in her embrace for it is there that I find solace.

I am being drama again, sorry folks but that is what I feel towards Mama Mary.