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Education is something that is never ending.  Some would prefer just whatever they can finish so to be called “schooled”. But others have this enormous hunger for knowledge. Some people will gladly do from double major to double masters up until PhD. Completing such task is not an easy one. Every level of education should be concluded with either a thesis for the master’s degree or a phd dissertation for those into PhD’s.
These paper works starts with a good title for research.  A title should be feasible and one where the reader can find some hints about the paperwork even without reading it yet. This kind of paper work takes months or sometimes years to make that even choosing of a dissertation topic would take some time. Its success depends on how the research was implemented and also on the fact that it was able to give answers to questions surrounding the research. It does not only require time and effort but also a vast collection of knowledge from other individuals, famous or not that can help support facts in order to prove a certain hypothesis in the study. Some people would make use of dissertation help by hiring a company that offers dissertation services to make a good title for such paper works. The possibilities are endless.    

I remember the times when my aunt was on her way to finishing her PhD in Economics in a state university.  It did not only cost her money that is no way near a joke.  In order to make things happen from data gathering which involves massive printing of questionnaires to travel expenses to get into places that are targets of that specific research and much more is the manpower that is also a big factor in helping the research materialize. Professionals such as statisticians and or engineers or whatever discipline is needed to make all variables measurable also sometimes gets paid on these. Not only that, after all the data were gathered here comes data processing.  In this case no way to turn to but to the right the direction or else the work becomes bias if something goes wrong.  And then the final defense comes.  Heads of departments, advisers and other key persons take seat to scrutinize the reliability and measurability of the said work.  It would not only cost an hour but sometimes more dragging hours of questioning in which case the researcher should be able to pacify the inquisitive minds of the panels.  This is the moment where the researcher should show all his/her work in no less than gleaming polished artifact of knowledge worth to be awarded a title when graduation comes.

Thus the title PhD or MA or MBA, these are some of the things some people opt to do in life.  The quest to gain knowledge in their own field of expertise that makes them a brand in their own selves. Do you think you have what it takes to deserve these letters after your name?


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